Town Square, Sept. 30, 2020

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week, state officials announced that fall sports would be permitted in public high schools. Also last week, local schools’ Superintendent Dave Bromwell announced a plan to return to class, and wait until spring for sports. Mr. Bromwell’s video announcement can be found on the DCPS Facebook page.

WELL DONE, DCPS: What creative delivery. Thank you for the explanations.

GLAD TO RETURN: Thank goodness we are going back at least part time!

TRUST OTHER PARENTS?: I don’t want to sound unsupportive, but you cannot trust that all students’ household members are well and that all children being sent to school are well either. Parents who are tired of their children being at home will be sending them regardless. Why do we need to screen temperatures when entering gyms, childcare centers, dance studios, etc. but not at schools? Students can still be sent to school medicated and fevers can show up later in the day but health screenings shouldn’t be overlooked. It will take some load off of teachers.

URGING SPORTS: I’m assuming everyone against the sports starting up don’t leave their house to go grocery shopping, don’t leave their house at all and haven’t since this started, you wear gloves and always change them after you touch things. And I guess you think wearing a mask in a restaurant only until you sit at a table actually does anything. If you can go out and do those things why can’t the children slowly start getting back to normal? Everything should be voluntary, if a parent wants to allow their child to participate, they should be allowed.

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