Town Square, Sept. 23, 2020

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The death last week of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg began a drive by Republicans to confirm a replacement before the election. Some citizens noted that 11 months before former President Barack Obama left office, GOP elected officials pledged not to confirm a replacement before the next election.

WASHINGTON’S HYPOCRISY: Once again, the hypocrisy that oozes out of Washington disturbs me. Has the GOP forgotten the stunt they pulled four years ago? This is the problem with the American two-party system. This is the problem with American Government.
Now, before you react, ask yourself: Have I defended my party’s hypocrisy or am I agreeing because it fits my party’s agenda? I will call out both sides when the shoe fits.
I ask that we all do the same and begin to finally see, this is a game being played between two elite groups and we aren’t invited to play. But we can spend mass amounts of money to watch.
Do you want to play? Because I do. And I will, Nov. 3.

GOVERNMENT LOST ITS WAY: The key wording here is, “we’re not invited to play.” And that’s why the elites’ groups do what they do with no consequences. Our government has lost itself from what it was meant to be. Both sides are terrible.
DEMS TOO: Same thing Democrats would do if they controlled the Senate. Democrats have been doing same thing in the House.

PRIORITY: There are definitely some decent souls in the GOP Senate who understand the difference between loving our democracy and sheer selfish politics. Let’s hope that takes priority.
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