Town square, Sept. 16, 2020

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Cambridge residents and guests witnessed the unveiling of a statue of Harriett Tubman in front of Circuit Court on Saturday. Photos of the event were posted that day on Facebook, receiving many comments.

SHARING GOOD NEWS: Thank you for recording this brilliant day! Your photos bring it all to life for those of us who couldn’t be there. I think Tubman must be beaming with pride.
[EDITOR’S NOTE: We are humbled by our readers’ gratitude. It was an honor to attend and record this event.]

TRUE ART: Amazing statue showing the urgency for freedom from slavery.

PAST AND PRESENT: The children of the present dropped the chains of the past

MOVING SPEECH: Judge Wilson was superbly eloquent, passionate and convincing. He’s at 1 hour and twenty minutes into the live stream captured at

All three high school sports seasons will take place in the second semester, beginning Feb. 1.
POSSIBLE?: How will the kids who play all seasons make it work? I’m assuming they can?

SURE: Most of the time, kids who play three sports overlap seasons because of playoffs and making it deep into states. So really it’s no different other than the season being shorter. You stop one sport and jump right into the next. The multi-sport athletes are used to it.

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