Town Square, Oct. 29, 2019

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DISTURBED: I read the article about Turkish owner of The Cambridge Diner {“Delice speaks on Turkish-Syrian conflict,” Dorchester Banner, Oct. 16] and l can understand how he may feel about his home country and l understand his family helping people. I too do not want to see a war because so many people get injured or killed. What really disturbed me about it was him standing holding a gift for President Donald Trump. That leads me to believe that he thinks as Donald Trump does and that lets me know how he feels about different minorities. That, for me, is a reason not to patronize his business and others may feel the same way.

ALLEN STREET SHOOTING: My people, please wake up. We are killing our own. Praying for a change. Stop the violence. Guns Down!

PAIN: I can’t imagine the pain. We all belong to God. Always hold on to the memories, that’s what’s going get you through. Lean on the Lord and his words.

GRIEF: This is so sad.

SILENCE: The sad part is that nobody wants to say anything.

JUSTICE: I hope they find whomever did it and throw away the key.

LOSS: I’m praying that Tavaar gets the justice he needs and deserves. He was not just a friend to me that I lost, I feel like I lost a baby brother that I wish I had.

PRAYERS: My prayers go out to the family.

HURT: This one hurt me to my heart.

SUPPORT: Praying for justice for you all.

BROKEN HEARTS: I am connected to this community in so many ways, and it breaks my soul that this has happened. I am praying for his mother, for his children, for every life that he touched, and for all of the broken hearts that linger in the wake of this tragedy.

WHY?: We are at a loss for words. Why did this happen to Tavaar? He was loving, kind hearted, the best dad ever. What can I do? I feel that I need to do something for the family. Rest in peace, Tavaar Chester. We love you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Police are investigating the Oct. 24 homicide of Tavaar Chester. Anyone with information is asked to call the Cambridge Police Department at 410-228-3333.

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