Town Square, Oct. 28, 2020

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The Rev. Bruce Byrolly, a retired Catholic priest, was a participant in a “Blue Wave” demonstration on U.S. 50 in Cambridge. The event supported Joe Biden for president. Some participants, including the Rev. Byrolly, displayed signs against racism. When he returned to his car, the Rev. Byrolly found his windows had been smashed.

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Young men on dirt bikes riding on Cambridge city streets have attracted responses ranging from calls for support to demands that the bikes be banned.

OUR FAULT: After talking to some of the bike boys, it’s our fault as a community. We worry about ourselves and forget the kids. I asked what they need, and I got a real answer. They just want to ride. I asked them about a wheelie tournament and their faces lit up with smiles. They also said, can they have a Sunday when they can ride their dirt bikes on a certain street as Baltimore did?
I was telling them about the Mace’s Lane project. They were like, yes we want that. So what it boils down to is we have to communicate with the kids. They made their statement, so what are we going to do about it now?
DANGEROUS: Did you let them know riding in the street and holding up traffic is not a good idea? They could get hurt or killed.

PAY ATTENTION: Now when this event takes place, we need all the people that have been complaining to be there to support, watch, and cheer them on, especially the parents. I’m sure these kids have ridden by those empty spaces and kept going. In my opinion, it’s not just a place to ride they’re looking for, it’s also, “Hey, pay attention to me.” What good is a whole block wheelie if nobody says, “Oooooh!”

LIABILITY: All of this sounds good but the powers that be are going to throw the liability scheme at the idea, meaning who’s going to be responsible if someone gets hurt and so on.
MACE’S LANE PROJECT: It would be nice if they finally got the Mace’s Lane project going. On some of the property, the community could help build a bike park, sort of like the skate park they have in Easton.

THE BOYS’ VOICE: A little communication with them will tell you what you need to know. They have a voice too.
BAN THEM: How can we get them to ban them? One little boy cussed me out. He was riding in front my car.
NO PAPERS, NO BIKES: If they can’t register their bikes, their bikes should be taken. It’s as simple as that.
BLOCKED: We are completely ignored or they put up roadblocks. The only person that sincerely helped was LaShon.
NOT ON STREETS: They don’t need to ride the dirt bikes on streets. They are called dirt bikes for a reason.

IMMEDIATE SOLUTION IS NEEDED: A bike park can not be purchased or made overnight. This needs an immediate solution. Where are the parents? And when these children are seen being a hazard to themselves, what are we doing to stop it?

RESPECT: I’m sure everyone that made a status knows at least one parent of the kids riding bikes and can contact them directly versus the whole town of Cambridge. Take a picture send it to the parent, etc. It takes a village, and Facebook statuses apparently aren’t solving the problem. We can’t expect to have a village if we’re only communicating with these kids when they doing something wrong. And yes, sometimes it does start at home, but these kids definitely know who they have respect for and it’s sad to say that some of the respect isn’t at home.

SO TIRED: I’m tired mentally and physically trying to get though to my own boys with the help of no male figures. Where are the real street men who are willing step in and step up and be role models? Technology and different social platforms have ruined this generation. They have too many resources at their fingertips steering them in the wrong direction.
During a demonstration on U.S. 50 Friday afternoon, cars belonging to participants had their windows smashed. Reports from the scene said the cars were parked in different locations and at least one item was removed from a car.

NOT BACKING DOWN: Breaking windows of multiple cars of people who are embracing what it is to be American to express ourselves freely will not deter us!
FREE SPEECH: Sorry this happened. People, we have the right to express our opinions without bullying or behavior like this. Let us be better.

SHAME: I don’t think our forefathers who fought for freedom of choice had this type of behavior in mind to protect! Shame on the those who choose violence over talking and listening!
SUPPORT: So sorry Father Byrolly had to deal with this just because he was denouncing racism.
CHEERS FOR FATHER: He is a GREAT supporter and I love his elderly energy. He was at my Protest for BLM on his Bicycle.
REPUBLICANS INSULTED: Just like the other week when people threw coffee at the Republican rally on U.S. 50. Both parties are taking it too far.

IT’S NOT ENTIRE PARTIES: I disagree it’s parties. It is individuals and you know it.
JUST SAD: More than making me angry, this makes me sad. What goes on in people’s minds to make them want to do this?
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