Town Square, Oct. 23, 2019

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Handsell House
SHINING LIGHT: I have always thought of these old brick houses, built by slaves, were standing monuments of the powerful spirit of the people who made them. It wasn’t until just now, that my eyes were opened wider, to understand they were children. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Re-enactor Dontavius Williams explained at the 9th Annual Nanticoke River Jamboree that enslaved children made bricks for the buildings at Handsell. In some places, their fingerprints are still visible.] Thank you for shining the light in memory of those so young and enslaved.

Bay Bridge backups
EMERGENCY VEHICLE DELAYED: There was an ambulance with lights flashing, trying to get across the Kent Narrows bridge. It couldn’t go anywhere! It was stuck, like the rest of us. I feel so bad for those who may have a medical emergency and can’t get help. Time matters in these situations.

NIGHTMARE: We had to negotiate this nightmare transporting a sedated vent patient to University of Maryland Medical Center from Cambridge — two and a half hours.

DAMAGING TO BUSINESS: Six full hours from Fenwick to Lothian. Pretty sure I could be on the North Carolina border in that amount of time. This is seriously going to hurt Eastern Shore business for two years. I don’t know that I’ll be spending much time at my beach place next spring and summer, it’s just not worth the drive. In my opinion, it was very poor planning by whomever makes these decisions.

NECESSARY WORK: I feel bad for the people who have to travel it. I had to drive it every day. But the maintenance needs to be done, so it doesn’t collapse

SOLUTION SUGGESTIONS: They need to add a third span, and build a second crossing elsewhere.

HASSLE: It’s definitely not worth the hassle of traffic. Stay away from the Eastern Shore if you don’t live here.

DECISIONS: This affects every decision about leaving the house on Friday. Stop allowing leapfrogging. Local roads should be for locals, and emergency vehicles.

TROLLING: Just letting you know if you see a crazy lady sitting in a golf cart with my fishing pole out, I figured I’d do some trolling while we inch along.

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