Town Square, Oct. 21, 2020

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The Banner reported on Thursday that an employee with Dorchester County Public Schools had tested positive for COVID-19. A statement from the Board of Education confirmed the test result, and declined to provide further information. Readers responded.

NO RIGHT?: Guess we don’t have the right to know, unfortunately.
INVOLVES CHILDREN: How is it breaking privacy when it involves our children? We have the right to know which school! Caroline County tells the school when there is a positive case!
HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT: HIPAA protects that employee. Just like people running around telling your medical history. As a general rule of thumb no one is even supposed to know but the health department, the school, and that person. So be glad they are even saying anything.
THIS IS WHY: The exact reason my kids are home! Hopefully, DCPS made proper notification if children were exposed to the unidentified person.

RATHER B.S.: While it’s understandable to not mention a person’s name, it’s rather B.S. to not let us know what school it was. Thanks for the great reporting.
WERE PARENTS NOTIFIED?: I sure hope the parents of students in the building where this individual works are notified.

NEIGHBORS KNOW: Caroline County is letting everyone know which school has a positive case. I think we have a right to know.
NOT THE FIRST TIME: What’s crazy to me is that this is the first we’re hearing of someone being positive but I know it’s not the first time someone working for the school system has had it.
PROTECT TEACHERS: No teacher should be sent back to work with out testing.

AVOIDING RISK: My kids are straight remote learning.

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