Town Square, Oct. 2, 2019

Dave Bromwell

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President William Nichols opened the Sept. 17 meeting of the Dorchester County Council with an announcement that the council would take no comments from the public regarding livestreaming [“Nichols, Newcomb, Nagel: No to livestream,” Banner, Sept. 11]. Livestreaming would allow meetings to be seen online as they occur.

Cheers for schools’ leader
THANKS TO MR. BROMWELL: I appreciate [Dorchester County Public Schools’ Interim Superintendent Dave] Bromwell’s goals and accessibility. I have been an educator for 28 years and I have not seen a more laid-out plan. I applaud him for stepping up and effectively setting up goals and already following through with his plans.

KEEP IT UP: Dave Bromwell is exactly what our schools need — hands on, caring, and working with everyone. Keep up the great work!

IN THE MIX: Finally, some involvement. This is great!

SIMPLY PUT: Mr. Bromwell is amazing.

CORRECTION: Good article, [“Sequoia returns to Cambridge,” Sept. 25] but the smokestack at Long Wharf is from FDR’s other yacht, “Potomac.” It is not a real smokestack, but it looks like one. What it hides is an elevator that the crippled FDR could use to discretely enter and leave the “Potomac.”
EDITOR’S NOTE: That is correct, thank you for the information!

Ironman Maryland 2019
INSPIRING: Thanks to all the volunteers, medical and police and safety professionals, cleaner-uppers, businesses, spectators, and everyone who had a hand in keeping everyone safe, providing a warm welcome, and making the 2019 IRONMAN Maryland a success. And congratulations to all the IMMD competitors — you are truly inspiring!

ONE OF THE BEST: Always a great race! I shall return. Congratulations to all the finishers! One of the best events I have ever done.

GRATITUDE: Thank you for the fun show! The jellies were interesting, but nothing that stopped the day. Great job and thank you volunteers and City of Cambridge.

BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, AMAZING: Absolutely amazing first Ironman experience. Cambridge and Dorchester County are beautiful. The people are wonderful. I want to go back and visit the Harriet Tubman Museum.

NICE WORK, VOLUNTEERS: The volunteers are amazing. I live on the course and everything is back to business as usual already. Tremendous clean up and much appreciated.

WOMEN’S WINNER: Congratulations, Meghan Fillnow! You are so inspiring!

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