Town Square, Oct. 16, 2019

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High water hits Dorchester
SLOW DOWN: I’m from Crocheron, which is if you turn left at Gootee’s. Go all the way down to the end, about 30 minutes more of a drive when the tide is not up. Few had water come into their homes. What I hate is when people don’t slow down when the tide is up.

DON’T LIVE THERE: I learned young when I lived down Hudson, don’t live on the water.

LIFESTYLE DOWN BELOW: It’s frustrating when you hear people who don’t live in South Dorchester say, “Move,” or, “Who wants to live near the water?” I moved down here from the Washington, D.C. area about 15 years ago. I met the most wonderful people. Beautiful country, friendly folks, peace and tranquility and a gentle lifestyle. After more than 30 years working corporate in Montgomery County, I think you nay sayers are jealous. Everyone down here will make it, because we have each other.

Submitted to Dorchester Banner/DCPS
Mr. Bromwell enjoyed his time on a school bus recently.

Interim Superintendent of Public Schools Dave Bromwell has been riding buses in the morning to meet students.
NICE WORK: This is the face of a true leader!

9th Annual Nanticoke River Jamboree
CULTURES MERGE: An amazing day. History Lives at Handsell, where three cultures merged into a uniquely American experience.

AWARENESS: A wonderful venue where we learn about uncomfortable things in an environment that eases us towards a better awareness of our history.

BEAUTY: Gives me chills! Beautiful day.

Pres. Trump, pro and con
HYPOCRITES: So sick of the Democrats! They have tried their hardest to destroy and undermine one of the most successful presidents in our history. They are only hurting themselves, as the majority of Americans see them for what they are — spoiled, whining, entitled, hypocrites.

LIST THEM: Please list some of Pres. Trump’s “successes.” Is it jobs increases lower than Pres. Obama’s? Is it the sucking up with the world’s dictators while angering our allies? Is it spending tens of millions on golf weekends after promising that he wouldn’t have time?

STUDY THE FACTS: All of the facts are in already, correct? How about we gather all information before we make decisions and acclamations?

OVER THE EDGE: The Democrats have gone over the edge and beyond rational thought. I’m disappointed that more members of the GOP have not taken a stand for right.

A HARD LOOK: As U.S. citizens, we need to look at our institutions, our democracy, our morals and values as a nation and take a hard look at how the Executive Branch of government is eroding them.

LEADERSHIP: We need leadership that serves our country, not just themselves.

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