Town Square, Nov. 6, 2019

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THANKS FOR THE HELP: Thank you so much for helping advertise through an article the recent Hospice fundraising event, “Kick off Your Heels for Hospice.” We doubled last year’s donation. It was a beautiful day. You rock!
{EDITOR’S NOTE: It is a pleasure and an honor to assist your work. You are very welcome!}

Tri-City Little League’s season is saved
VERY IMPORTANT: Wow, thank you everyone. What wonderful news! {“Tri-City volunteers save season,” this edition] Little League is very important to our community, it teaches children a lot more then just how to play ball.

CORNERSTONE: Tri City LL is the cornerstone of the city. So sorry you were having difficulties. So thrilled you pulled it altogether. Many fond memories were made here!

GRATITUDE: Thank you to everyone who came out and thanks to all who volunteered to take on roles within the league.

STEPPED UP: Thank you to those that stepped up and also for those that continue to serve.

KUDOS: Amazing news and kudos to this group of people who stepped up!

FOR THE KIDS: Thank you everyone for such a good turn out and stepping up. It’s all about the kids!

AWESOME: You guys are awesome. Thank you in advance for all your hard work and countless hours.

Kirwan Commission recommends higher salaries
BOGUS: Continually throwing money at a problem never works. This is a bogus argument. Start caring about educating kids instead of more bureaucracy. You need an educated citizenry.

WELL PAID: Yeah, sure. Teachers are the problem. Because we all know this country is doomed when teachers work together and are well paid and supported.

TAXES: As a teacher who recently retired, I am all about teachers getting paid, but it’s the other stuff in the bill that I am against. I will be taxed out of this state. There has to be another way. The tax base will simply leave Maryland.

TEACHERS LEAVING: I don’t think the governor realizes that our best teachers are leaving the state and going to other states with better pay.

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