Town Square, Nov. 25, 2020

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A Cambridge family was devastated by a fire in their home at 119 Willis St. on Saturday. A donation site has been set up to help the Perry/Garcia family, who lost everything in the fire. Visit to contribute.

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PLEASE HELP: I’ve seen this community come together. My best friend’s family needs us all to come together for them. Marco Garcia, Devonte Perry, Deaveon, Walter McNair, Raymond Perry, and Ramona Rideout lost everything to a house fire on Nov. 21. Thank God the family and family dog are safe. Unfortunately, their cat didn’t make it. Please, please, please, share, donate, ANYTHING.

If you know Marco and Devonte, gosh you’re lucky. You’re so so incredibly lucky. I’ve never met better people in my life. They do so much for this community. Please help however you can.
GRATEFUL: Thanks to all first responders from Oxford, St Michaels, Trappe, Easton, and beyond who respond to the call.

POST THOUGHTFULLY: I think it important to be active in the community because it’s your home and everyone has the right to voice their opinions but make sure you have all the facts. Don’t just go on hearsay.
Also, I think you are entitled to your opinion, but if you represent Cambridge by being a member of a board, organization or even being a official, the words you post show your real colors. Sometimes what you post on Facebook can really question your professionalism and your integrity.
So please stop posting so much name calling, negativity and know your facts 100 percent. Help solve the problems of our community. Don’t just add to the negativity, but help with a solution.
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