Town Square, May 6, 2020

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Protesters from the group Reopen Maryland traveled from Frederick to Salisbury on Saturday, where they held a demonstration.

MAKING IT WORSE: FEMA and the CDC arrived in Salisbury because we are such a hot bed. This is a protest of idiocy. None of us want to be in lockdown, but they will make it worse and possibly longer. The fact that our Rep. Andy Harris supports this and spoke to the crowd of protesters in Salisbury is reprehensible.

SCARED TO DEATH: This is so ridiculous! Now, I am an essential worker and have still been working through all of this, but I have multiple immune issues. I am scared to death.
NATURAL SELECTION: Darwinism at it finest. I hope someday someone makes an official record of all the people whose “Constitutional Rights” are being taken away who die from Covid-19. I’ve raised four kids and not even as infants were they as big of a bunch of crybabies as you people.

JUST WANT TO WORK: You sound so foolish. I would bet you aren’t a business owner and you are being paid by a company that someone else owns or you work for the government. There are 30 million people out of work.
PRMC and SU are providing housing for recovering Covid-19 patients.
TIRELESS EFFORTS: I am so proud to work for Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Thank you Salisbury University. Together we can fight this and come out of it even stronger.

FORWARD THINKING: That is an awesome plan. It takes the stress off the acute-care facility for those patients who are not quite ready to go home.
CARING: Awesome! What a great partnership.

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