Town Square May 13, 2020: Jobless benefits; Kirwan vetoed; flyover

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NO BENEFITS YET, GOVERNOR: Unemployment is not releasing our hard-earned benefits we are entitled to by the CARE law. Most have not gotten a dime yet. Most have not even gotten through the phone or gotten a reply to our emails.
Why are voting, tax-paying, laid-off people through no fault of their own, me included, not getting the money they are entitled to?
I am a member of the Maryland Unemployment DIY – REAL ANSWERS group on Facebook where 14,000 and growing fellow Marylanders are forced to rely on each other for a light at the end of this unemployment nightmare tunnel. We need more assistance in getting our people answers to their questions and most importantly their unemployment benefits.

KIRWAN VETOED: Governor, with all due respect, please give funding to schools for next year. We will lose valuable employees and resources if schools do not have funding. We are already stretched thin and with limited funds, the children will suffer. More and more children need support and the teachers are burned out. Help us keep schools afloat.

FLY-OVER: Did the jets and airplanes that flew over to salute the essential workers cost money?

TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE: The pilots use those hours as their required flying hours. They have to do it anyway, so why not honor essential workers such as nurses?

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