Town Square, June 17, 2020

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PROUD COP: I’m proud to be in law enforcement. I will continue to be the best cop I can be. Please don’t judge me based on the clothing I wear (it’s my job) but the person I am. Not every encounter starts off the best when you come into contact we me or us but I know I try to make every situation better.

APPRECIATES GOVERNOR: Thank you Governor Hogan for leading and guiding us through this very difficult challenge so far. I realize we aren’t totally through this pandemic yet, but together we will get through it. Thank you so very much for your and Lt. Governor Rutherford’s leadership. You guys are an amazing team, and I truly appreciate your efforts to help and protect the citizens of Maryland.

COST OF REOPENING: We are getting ready to hit the ground running in about a week to 14 days when our numbers hit the charts because everyone had to go eat inside a restaurant and go to church. Oh, and go to the beach. Hope y’all are having a swell time, because you aren’t going to be feeling very well when they’re putting in the respirator, and the one they are putting in our child too. Just couldn’t wait for those crab cakes.

HOPE: They think it’s over. I hope you don’t end up regretting your choices. That Phase II seems awfully rushed. I do hope it turns out well.

SOLUTION: Stay home if you’re afraid. Simple as that.

MENTAL HEALTH: Governor Hogan, you are wrong. We are not Maryland Strong. Mental health is deteriorating drastically. In my own family, I am watching serious meltdowns that will likely need hospitalization. Who will pay for it? You? I think not. Marylanders are dying from depression. We need to fully open.

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