Town Square, July 22, 2020

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Banner readers responded to Commissioner LaShon Foster’s and Commissioner Steve Rideout’s guest opinions posted online last week.

WITH FOSTER: Totally agree. Mail in balloting has no security unlike absentee ballots that require a proper protocol. Too many ways to make mistakes and open the voting up to fraud.

NOPE: Not true! Please do the research. It is more dangerous and suppressive to ask disabled and elderly to stand in line or gather in a room during a pandemic! Oregon has had mail in voting for over 20 years with less than .000002 problems! This is just a way to plant doubt and fear.

PROBLEMS: Ballots being mailed to last known address when people have moved. Current occupants sometimes getting multiple ballots. People who have passed away but ballots mailed out to them anyway. These things have happened numerous times to people I know. No accountability on election day as to whether a voter has already voted. No real accountability for the ballots plus the wait for election results which opens it up for even more fraud. I believe the statements made by Commissioner Foster are spot on.

UP TO VOTERS: It is the responsibility of every voter to make sure the Board of Elections has your current address. The rolls are in dire need of updates.

MANIPULATION?: I am black. Not that it matters. I don’t want to see anyone manipulate my community.

LEAVE THE POST OFFICE OUT: I think it takes guts to throw your local letter carriers under the You want to whine? Fine. Leave the Post Office out of it.

DIVISION: Do your homework. This is nothing more than a smoke screen intended to instill fear in the black community and further divide us. Shame on you Ms Foster. Run an honest election and you have nothing to worry about.

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