Town Square, July 15, 2020

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MR. WASHINGTON: I am so pleased with excellent job Ray Washington has done with the children at Maple Elementary School. It is an honor and a privilege to see him go back to the schools he grew up in and make a huge difference and impact on our community. Much success to Mr. Washington in this new chapter in his journey.

THANK YOU, FIRST RESPONDERS: While I am always grateful to our police, firefighters and health care workers for their service, I am especially mindful of and thankful for them in these exceptionally challenging times.

RELEASE FRUSTRATION: I live in an area where I see kids from age 6 to adults acting as if they don’t care about themselves or anyone else. There is nothing in this town that motivates kids or adults, there’s nothing to do. There needs to be something like a community center where kids and adults can release their frustration.

STOP TO LISTEN ABOUT RACE: I have seen what I have seen and that is what I base my beliefs upon. People who have no basis and no experience don’t get to judge. So many have never walked in those shoes and they won’t stop to listen to others to think or possibly learn. They only want to repeat the same rhetoric over and over, listening to respond, not to have a conversation and see someone else’s view.

JOURNEY OF LEARNING: I don’t base everything on statistics and never agendas, but real-life experiences and things I research and find factual. It’s been a long journey of learning for me. It’s ok to step back, examine ourselves and learn something new.

CITY STREETS: As a local resident, I try to shop and eat in our downtown businesses. Last week, we had out-of-town friends visit and we went downtown to show them our shops. I was really surprised to see how our city streets have been let go. All up and down Race and Poplar streets, grass is taking over our sidewalks and curbs. This is not limited to Race and Poplar, it is apparent on many streets in the downtown area. Do city officials not see this?

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