Town Square, Jan. 6, 2021

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WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?: So did anybody read the 5,600-page COVID relief bill? For anybody wondering, that’s like 11 or 12 reams of paper. But be glad that you’re getting $600 though!
I’m no mathematician, but there are roughly 330 million people in the U.S. That would amount to $198 billion, if every American got a $600 dollar check, which they do not.
Now, I know that these relief bills are a lot more than just handing people a check, but that is over a $700 billion difference.
Did anyone actually read all of the 5,600-page document? I am assuming not, since they only had six hours to do so.
So where exactly is all of the other money going? Well, that is a fantastic question, one I am sure most people will never find an answer to.

VACCINATIONS: We are blessed to have an amazing Health Department. From the very beginning, they have supported the community with testing, personal protective equipment and guidance. Now we can move forward with vaccination. Thank you so much for your leadership.

STAY IN OR GO OUT?: I’m so confused by people saying stay home, yet they want all schools opened. I feel like no one really knows what they want or they only want what benefits them.

PLAY IT SAFE: Stay home all you can. When you have to go out, play it as safe as you can. Mask up, stay away from others and wash your hands often.

CAMBRIDGE CLEAN UP: It’s sad other people that don’t live in our community came to clean it up, but y’all wonder why money is not being put in our community.

REGULAR OCCURRENCE: Let’s all be glad that we did this and make it a regular occurrence. If enough of us are seen doing it, maybe people won’t be dropping garbage.
YOUTH: It would be great to somehow get the youth involved in this. Let them meet groups/teams and maybe have some prize (pizza maybe) for the team that collects the most. I know others must have some ideas also.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Hire some youth. Bring back community service. We have the opportunity to turn it around.

VIKINGS: I know there are seniors and juniors [at Cambridge-South Dorchester High School] who are short on service learning hours.

GREAT PEOPLE: Many hands make light work. I spent the morning at this well-organized event with a great group of people! Keep an eye out for the next clean-up date.

PITCH IN: Wow! What a job! Thank you so much to all the volunteers who came out to clean up our town and to organizers Choptank Riverkeeper’s Matt Pluta and Mayor Andrew Bradshaw.
Sad to be needed, but so great to have volunteers to pitch in. Folks, please take your trash home and pitch it in a garbage can, not out the window.
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