Town Square, Jan. 15, 2020

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Editor’s Note: On Jan. 7, the Dorchester County Council voted to send a letter to the Maryland Congressional Delegation asking for more temporary workers’ H2B visas to be released by the U.S. Department of Labor.

TRY AGAIN: The feds really need a redo on the immigrant worker visa program. This affects lots of businesses, families, etc., in a bad way.

THINK LOCAL: Good, it’s time to get locals off drugs and alcohol and back to work. Locals have gotten spoiled and soft, depending on others to do the work they think they are too good to do. I’m a crabber. Personally, I’ll find a way to be fine. The buyers need to get their stuff together.

CALL FOR ACTION: Rep. Andy Harris, what are you doing to represent your district? You seem to think your only job these days is to make excuses for Pres. Trump.

Editor’s Note: The Dorchester Banner contacted Rep. Harris’ office. The congressman released the following statement:
“It’s unfortunate that the House majority in Washington refused to solve the H2B visa shortage issue this year. My amendments to the House Appropriations Bill would have resulted in more temporary workers, and in no business going without any workers, but those were rejected in the final bill. Nevertheless, the Department of Homeland Security is authorized to issue more visas for the summer season, and I’m working hard to get those additional visas issued in time for the crab picking season.”

PLENTY OF LABOR: Get the freeloaders and teenagers working. We have a ton of them here in the county.

Editor’s Note: On Jan. 7, the Dorchester County Council issued a proclamation naming January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.
CONTINUED STRIDES: Yes! The first-ever proclamation for Human Trafficking was signed last year. It’s so great to see this continued and to see the strides Dorchester County is doing to combat human trafficking.

Editor’s Note: News of Mace’s Lane Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences student Christian Thomas-McNamara’s successful cooking project received enthusiastic expressions of support. The course, similar to the Home Economics of previous times, is new at Mace’s Lane this year.
EVERYDAY KNOWLEDGE: Thanks for bringing back such a practical course.
DON’T STOP NOW: Awesome, Christian, keep up the good work.
CONGRATULATIONS: Great job young man!

Editor’s Note: A debate is underway in the General Assembly and across the state regarding anticipated costs if the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations on public education are adopted.
PAYMENT QUESTIONS: It’s amazing that so many asked this commission, “How are you going to pay for Kirwan?” And yet our General Assembly passed it anyways.
DRIVING AWAY TAXPAYERS: Talk about ways to get taxpayers to move out of your state: Threaten them with funding an impossible budget that will only grow.

MONEY AND SOLUTIONS: Baltimore City has proven that despite being the highest-funded district, money doesn’t solve its problems.
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