Town Square, Jan. 13, 2021

Submitted photo/Sam Chick
Protesters, above, swarm the steps of the U. S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6.

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IMPROPER CLOSURE OF CORKRAN CEMETERY ROAD: So when does Libby get punished? She should be…She isn’t our dictator. Can we have a recall?

Many citizens were outraged by Representative Andy Harris’ support for challenging the electoral vote before and after the breach of the U.S. Capitol. Others continued their support of the congressman.
SEDITIONIST: We need to flood Andy Harris’s office with phone calls letting him know that he is a seditionist. Even after all the violence, he voted to challenge electoral votes. His Salisbury office number is: 443-944-8624. Capitol Hill office is: 202-225-5311.

RESPONSIBILITY: Oh thank goodness. It’s still the Democrats’ fault. I was worried for a second that you would actually take responsibility for something
SUPPORT FOR DESPOT: It’s not that you objected, it’s why you objected. Not buying it that all of a sudden you are concerned about fair and open elections…not when you brought up in a recent post that one of the reasons was past concerns about voter fraud in previous elections. Where were you then? Not objecting.
As for the rest — your actions on the floor, getting ejected, your ongoing support of a wannabe despot for your political gain — others say it better than I could so I’ll just leave it at nope. And exercise my right to vote for the other guy. This is your legacy. Never to be forgotten
EMBARRASSED: Ridiculous. You cannot justify what you did, especially after knowing how many times cases were thrown out of court, even by judges appointed by 45. And then, to witness, first hand, the desecration of OUR Capitol, you had the nerve to continue to object to this travesty! Then you behaved like the protesters. You are supposed to be the voice of reason, to calm and comfort the people you represent. I’m embarrassed by your actions.

PLAYED WITH FIRE: I’m glad you were unharmed. But frankly, you made a false equivalence in your statement. In 2017, it was a different political climate. In 2017, there wasn’t a rally in the morning and riot in the afternoon. In 2017, you didn’t have to shelter in place. No one was shot at the Capitol last time the electoral votes were ceremonially counted. In 2017 you didn’t have members of the administration resigning like they are now. You and you colleagues played with fire and America’s reputation got burned.
SUPPORT: Leave him alone, he is protecting his president. You Democrats are so hateful and disrespectful all you have done is disrespect the president for four years and don’t like it when we stand up for him
A SPINE: I think Rep. Harris is one of the few with backbone and must stay!
PROUD OF HARRIS: Thank you so much for fighting for our right to a free and honest election! Proud to say you represent our state.
DOESN’T TRUST BIDEN: Congressman Andy Harris, thank you for standing up for what was right. I support you 100%. I think what we saw yesterday was citizens have had it with status quo. We have to fight for what we believe in. Right now I don’t think I can trust the incoming administration.
UNBECOMING: You have engaged in conduct unbecoming an officer of the United States Navy, bringing great discredit upon the House of Representatives, the Congress of the United States, Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, the U.S. Navy, the Navy Medical Corps, and the United States Navy Reserve. You are not fit to serve. I am thoroughly ashamed of you.
Other citizens responded to news of the riot.

EXPERIENCE AS A BLACK MAN: Lost for words. It’s official. The news is a traumatizing trigger for me! The daily state of our nation continues to devalue my human experience as a Black Man. Hurt, confused and afraid for others who look like me operating in fear of being arrested for being a BMW (Black Man Walking) while we have others committing federal crimes and walking in the shoes of safety called “white privilege.” I’m over the stares in stores, today an elderly white man almost broke his neck watching me get in my LR with a puzzled look, mentally asking, “How is he driving that,” while answering his own question, “Just another drug dealer.” This is my norm. It’s sicking and I’m over it.
SCARY THOUGHT: Just a scary but necessary thought to consider: What would Trump, Giuliani, Cruz, Hawley, have done if the attack was unable to be quelled, if the attackers had used the zip ties they carried? If they had refused to go home? What would have been their responses? Why was the National Guard not fully activated?
It’s a failure in duty to take an oath to defend the constitution but then actively trying to overturn an election after it has been brought before various courts.

START ACTING RIGHT: This has gone way beyond politics! It has become hate, a game of who is right, who is wrong! Hear me out, I don’t give a damn if you are Democrat or Republican, white or black, gay or straight, this country is in serious trouble and it isn’t a presidential issue.
We have lost respect for each other. We thumb our nose at laws because they don’t apply to us. Politics and religion were a thing that was never discussed in public.
I remember going to vote with my mom and grandmother and I would ask them who they voted for and they would say, “None of your business.” Why is it everybody’s business now? Aren’t we all crazy enough from COVID?
In the summer, when people were burning towns and looting, it was wrong and yesterday when those people went into the Capital and vandalized it, it was wrong. There is no gray area! Stop justifying people’s actions!
This is why we have a generation of kids who are not responsible and instead of being productive in society they think they can partake in craziness like yesterday and they are proving a point! They are breaking the law!
Pure and simple, everyone who was vandalizing and acting a fool deserves charges pressed on them and they either need to pay restitution or do community service in an area of public service. I give 0 F’s about how you feel about Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Stop hating and trying to make people believe the way you do.
There are ways to show disapproval that is not setting fires, looting, breaking into government property and vandalism. Stop showing our kids that this is how you settle things. You are showing them that just because someone doesn’t think like you, you can’t be friends and that is so far from the truth.
We need to show more kindness and love and understanding. That, my friends, is not politics, that is simple home training. Show our future generations how adults are SUPPOSED to act!
GLAD TO SEE IT: This will be in the history books. I pray for everyone’s safety, but I am so glad we reached our breaking point and are standing up for the future of the country.
VIOLENCE OR SOCIALISM: We have to ask ourselves, do we commit violence or become slaves to socialism?

DEPRESSION: If ten months of covid has not depressed me because I kept myself and my mind occupied, that day did. Watching the riots at the nation Capitol broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes. This building is the building that belong to all the people in the United States being desecrated, ransacked, and destroyed at the urge of a demented President.
Any other man who started a riot would be in prison right now. He should be.
When I saw people protesting peacefully, they were treated like thugs and all the forces were against them with riot gear and then some. The thugs that stormed the capitol were basically given carte blanche to overtake that building. SHAME.
Now the man who caused all this destruction, the riot, the brain washing, the delusions, is the same man who still holds the nuclear codes. Shame for all the senators who supported him in his madness. Shame on all those people who were deluded by a madman and followed him blindly and basically could not even think for themselves.
The Capitol is the place where I took everyone of the members of my family when they came to visit me. This is the building that says it all about our laws and freedom and represents everyone of us who believes in Democracy.
HAD TO LAUGH: A number of people messaged me to say it was Antifa and BLM that had infiltrated the Trumpers to make Trump look bad. I had to laugh because I did not see any African Americans in all the footage I have watched. They continue to be delusional.
TREASON: Whoever is responsible for storming the Capitol Building, I hope you realize you are committing treason. I may not like what is going on in this country right now, but the United States is still my country. And I don’t like terrorism, and neither should you.
NEGLECTED DUTIES: What is so cowardly is that Trump or Pence could have made public remarks easily at anytime. They are set up for it. But have once again neglected their duties as leaders. Not by Twitter, but putting themselves out there in front of a camera which would have taken minutes to do!

PRIVILEGE: They have had their day in court over and over again, at least 60 times! Every time no evidence! They have been listened to and pacified.
Some of those in this crowd used tear gas against the police to advance into capital. I’m not wishing for violence to be used against any protestors who are not threatening democracy but pointing out the difference in treatment of protestors.
For these privileged people great restraint has been used to spite their utter lack of respect for police on the scene. These cosplay patriots are no match for our police, fire department, national guard, or military.
RESERVED TREATMENT: Has the National Guard distributed violence, tear gas and rubber bullets to these violent Trump supporters, or is this kind of treatment reserved only for Black Americans?

WHERE WAS LAW ENFORCEMENT?: Capital Police should have been the law enforcement there and have a right to arrest people or open fire. Violence isn’t the answer but any other day (before the last four years) you would not have overrun the Capital like that. We visited the Congress building a few years back and there were armed guards. Where were they today? I had to wait in line and show ID before I could get in line for a tour. Maybe I’m just a lawful citizen.
WHITE PRIVILEGE: If they they were black in DC, they would be dead and buried under the prison. That is all, classic White privilege.
VALIDATION: Seeing the police response to BLM protests all year versus the police response to right wingers storming the Capitol is a fantastic validation of everything BLM has been saying.

WATCHING THE COURTS: So we’ve seen revolution and violent demonstrations before in this country. Let’s see what the courts do with the insurrectionists which is always a better alternative than bloodshed. Other demonstrations I’ve been to the “paddy wagons” (pardon the derogatory remark from my lineage) would be lined up ready to cart people away to jail.
RESPONSIBLE POLITICIANS: Insurrection and unamerican acts brought to you by current President Trump and YOUR your local, Congressman Andy Harris.
SAD DAY: What a sad day. Prayers for our country. Who would have ever thought this would happen in the USA? Prayers for safety for all law enforcement protecting OUR Capitol building. Prayers for those injured. Words do have consequences. Speak love, speak kindness, speak Jesus. God bless the USA.
BANANA REPUBLIC: I may be too embarrassed to ever travel overseas again. We’re living in a banana republic.
DO BETTER: Trumpster fire. Treason. We are better than this.
PENALTIES: It is extremely sad. Like some third world country, we have people barging in into the halls of congress and Trump cheering them on. Zero evidence, all 60 plus court cases thrown out for lack of evidence and yet, Trump alleges ‘election fraud’ and his minions like Ted Cruz and many more, support him and enable him. If you and me were to file a frivolous law suit, we will be penalized by the court for wasting the courts time and will also end up paying for the lawyer fees of defendant who has to fight the frivolous lawsuit.

CHILDREN ARE WATCHING: What’s most saddening to me is, our children are watching. Our children are taking in every bit of information that they’re seeing right now, and storing it away in their brains. They’re learning how to handle challenges that they will all face in their lives. They’re learning that you can succeed in life, by saying outrageous, and hurtful things to others. They’re learning that you can lead a nation by dividing it, and creating a mistrust in its government. They’re learning that the truth doesn’t really matter, as long as you have the bravado to speak louder and more frequently than all of the others. They’re learning that they can solve their problems through intimidation and violence. Our children are watching…And that is the saddest part of all this.
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