Town Square, Feb. 5, 2020

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RISING TIDE: If you don’t believe in climate change, look at the rising tide on the eastern side of the Vienna Bridge over the Nanticoke River. And it’s not even a full moon.

BOTH DIRECTIONS: It’s unfortunate that some folks don’t believe sea level is rising, they say the land is sinking. I think current research says both are happening.

PAYING FOR LAWS: All laws should consider the counties and municipalities that have to enforce them and fund them. If the state mandates, it should have a way to pay for it and not just pass the burden down to the lower levels.

COUNTY’S INFORMATION SYSTEM HACKED: This is why it is absolutely critical to keep systems up to date, secure, and most importantly backed up. Ransom ware is no joke, and even if you agree to pay you have zero guarantees they will unlock your system. Same thing happened in Baltimore City.

MODERN CRIME: Ransomware is going the way of organized crime except it has affiliate networks and distribution channels. It’s crazy.

U.S. House Democrats last week unveiled plans to spend $760 billion over five years on infrastructure upgrades throughout the country.

WHERE’S THE MONEY?: Oh my gosh, $760 billion over five years? Where, praytell, is the money coming from? Holy cow.

BUDGETS: The current budget for the military is $718 billion a year. I’ll bet you don’t have a problem with that but, God forbid we fix our crumbling roads and bridges.

Last week, Maryland state senators examined ways to pay for the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations for public education.

STOP IT: It’s the answer to everything for them — just tax it and put the burden of their ideas on the middle class. This needs to stop. If we can’t afford the answer, it should not always fall to just creating a new tax on citizens.

NEW NAME: It should be called The Consumer and Business Outmigration Act.

TOO MUCH: Stop the growth of taxation. Democrats continue to ruin Maryland.

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