Town Square, Feb. 12, 2020

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Citizens responded after threats were made by a juvenile regarding a North Dorchester public school, with photos posted online of the boy posing with firearms.

STEP UP: It’s time for us men to step up and teach our boys how to be men. We as American men are failing our children. Look at the news. And this goes for all American men, regardless of skin color. We have to do better.

LIVES AT STAKE: This little dude posted pictures of himself with a gun and message. It’s nothing to be taken lightly. Or have y’all forgotten about Columbine or Florida, etc.? Kids’ lives could be at stake. Could be your kid.

OWNERSHIP: Yet they want to take legal guns away from us. Meanwhile, children like this have AKs and what not.

GOVERNMENT FAILING: It’s the government failing more than the parents. They took discipline out of the parents’ hands, told the children that their parents can’t touch them. They took mothers out of the house and into the work force because everything is so expensive.

CHOICES AND CHILDREN: I agree, the Government plays a part in it as well, but they are our children and our choices reflect them. I will go without and cut back on luxuries so my wife can stay home and raise our boy while I work. I know every situation is different, but at the end of the day, they are our children, not the government’s.

SECURITY AT HOME: See how easy it was for him to grab guns from his house? Parents, do better. You shouldn’t keep guns in your house, but if you insist on having a gun, you should have it locked up so no one can access it.

PROPER STORAGE: I personally don’t feel the need to own a gun at all. I’m not a parent. But if you do, you should properly store it. It’s your personal choice to own a gun.

DAMAGE: How to single handedly ruin your entire life with posting something on social media.

NEEDS HELP: It’s sad. The kid’s practically calling out for help with this.

PUNISHMENT: Lock him up and throw away the key.

NO EXCUSE: There’s no excuse to harm other people. That’s selfish and thug behavior.

SECURE SCHOOL: The school is brand new, all new security measures are in place there.

STRONGER LAWS: We need better gun control laws and better background checks and that’s that.

GRATEFUL FOR POLICE: I’m grateful he was caught swiftly. He’s in custody and we have to find out why he did it and he needs to be punished.

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