Town Square, Dec. 25, 2019

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CPD’s Civilian Police Academy graduation article in the Dorchester Banner’s Dec. 25 edition featured comments from local judges regarding students.

RESPECT: I have heard the comments and read the ideas of many. My question to the teachers, board members, administrators, and the community is this: Has anyone thought that just maybe if the educators dressed in a manner of authority and professionalism, carried themselves as such and actually treated students like they matter maybe things would begin to improve? Sometimes people just need to know they matter. Respect works both ways.

DEVELOPMENT: Judge Wilson’s statements are spot on concerning brain development.

EDUCATE OURSELVES: Very sad info, but such a positive suggestion for the need of each of us to educate ourselves, and for all of us to come together to help the situation. Thanks to our police, judges, and all others who work toward solutions. And for standing with our teachers.

FULL AGREEMENT: How can anyone not categorically agree with the insight of three people who live and breathe our county’s most dysfunctional, ill-adjusted folks. Great article.

SPOT ON: Now we need to stop trying to fit these students in an environment that is not suited for them. Give them a school with a team of professionals that can help them work on the skills and emotional support that they need. Give them professionals that specialize in trauma in children, and create a soothing environment for them. Change the lighting, more calming and soothing sensory stimulation and space to move think and feel. School is restricting. It’s time to start changing a lot of things. School is like a mini prison. The students don’t have room to think for themselves, have to be quiet, walk in a straight line. It’s so restrictive. Give the children some space and they will surprise you. Let them play and interact more with their peers. We are focused on academics earlier and earlier, taking away time for emotional and social growth.

INSIGHTFUL: Absolutely awesome insight from these gentlemen. It’s going to take a village to turn this around.

HOME LIFE: It’s usually bad parents equal bad kids.

LISTEN TO CHILDREN: Good read. However, I don’t agree with everything. We have to get out of the habit of practicing all teachers are right and if they said a child did some then they did. One voice is about being honest and working to improve the experiences for everyone, not just the adults. Get permission to interview some students from different demographics and share their stories. Don’t publish names, just ages and/or experiences. Some people will be shocked, others won’t. We do a disservice by dismissing their truth and saying it’s a lie.

Island restoration
OPTIMISM: Let’s hope the [Mid-Chesapeake Island Restoration] project happens.

GOOD NEWS: This is great for the islands!

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