Town Square, Dec. 16, 2020

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit last week with the Supreme Court, which was rejected on Friday, in an attempt to invalidate the votes of millions of voters in Biden-won states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin. The suit was joined by President Donald Trump, 19 GOP attorneys general and 126 GOP House lawmakers, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Complete lists were published of those who supported the attempt to have the court invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s win. When residents of District 1 saw that Rep. Andy Harris was one of those who supported the suit, they responded.

TRAITOR TO CONSTITUTION: After swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, you signed a court filing to the United States Supreme Court for a lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election for no reason other than you didn’t like the outcome. You are a traitor to the Constitution.
Funny how I didn’t see you using this for a photo op for your Facebook page. In fact, you didn’t even mention it. So you not only want to subvert a legal election, you are too sneaky and cowardly to publicize it. I won’t forget, though. Hopefully, this gerrymandered district boundary will be readjusted and you can keep yourself on the Eastern Shore — or better yet, voted out of office.

STOP THE CRAZINESS: We saw your name on the list of reps who sided with the Trump nonsense going on. Your profile looks like you have a brain, but this doesn’t reflect that in the least. You and your buddies will be remembered come voting time. Stop this craziness now and represent the people who voted for you.

SEDITION: You should be investigated and, if found culpable, prosecuted for sedition, attempting to overthrow the lawfully elected government of the United States.

RESIGN: You voted to end democracy in America. You spit on the sacrifice of all those who fought in WWII. You broke your oath of office to serve this country and agree to a peaceful transition of power. You sir, are a disgrace as a congressman and should resign.

SUPPORT FOR AUTOCRAT: You put the feelings of an autocrat before your country. You don’t deserve to call yourself a Marylander, much less an American.

ANGER: It saddens and angers me that you would sign on to attempt to overturn a lawful and certified election. You may be my congressman, but you do not represent me.

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