Town Square, Aug. 19, 2020

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EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE: I feel like the mass majority of people usually end up falling for a politician’s social plans, but the questions regarding who is going to pay for these multi-trillion dollar plans are never answered, and therefore are never resolved.
And for the record, I think a great number of Republicans and Democrats alike are self-absorbed pathological liars. But even more scary than that is most of them have no idea how economics work, and honestly don’t care to even learn how they work.
I think everyone should be forced to learn at least one micro and one macro economics course in high school just to get their feet wet on some of the very basic principles on what makes the economy run. Contrary to a popular belief among a growing number of people, everything has a price tag.

CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL: Its amazing to see how two vote against everything that seems progressive, which includes not accepting a $250,000 zero cost to the City grant. Should have been a 5-0 vote for anything to make the City a better place at a minimal cost to the taxpayers.

SLUMLORDS: Somebody has to do something, they have been getting away with it for years. Then they open up their house to Section 8 and HUD pays them well over the amount it is to live there and then they won’t do anything about it. I will not allow them to do me that way. I call the housing inspector. they come over within the hour. My maintenance issue is taken care of.

TIRED: It’s more than one slumlord in Cambridge. Residents are tired of being taken advantage of.

ACTION NEEDED AT BRADFORD HOUSE: This is deplorable! Something needs to be done!

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