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Cambridge City Commissioner LaShon Foster announced her candidacy for mayor.
STANDING UP: Thank you for standing up and challenging unjust decisions and actions.
GOOD LUCK: You are well appreciated for the job you do for our city, best of luck Cambridge needs you.
CONFIDENCE: I support you completely. Cambridge lives on in our hearts. You got this.
SUPPORT: Your dedication and compassion for Cambridge will make you an excellent mayor, best of luck.

The rescue of a Verizon worker from a burning truck by emergency responders and passersby received plenty of praise.
DANGEROUS JOB: I am a retired cable maintenance splicer and have been in a similar situation, my boom, however, trimmed out 25 feet in the air and dumped me. Thank God I had my fall-restraining belt on.
DIVINE INTERVENTION: God put you in the right place at the right time!
THE MAN!: George Phillips [who placed the ladder to help the tech escape] you are the man! Our first responders are the best and everything they do is very much appreciated.
STRENGTHENED FAITH: The Lord sent his angel to the rescue. What could strengthen your faith more than this? Great job!
GOOD SAMARITANS: Glad he’s ok. Not only did good Samaritans help him, the hydraulic pressure lock valves did their designed job keeping the bucket from crashing to the ground.
WISE TO WAIT: I’m surprised he hadn’t jumped already. Obviously, that would have caused some serious injury, but fire is worse.

A reader calls for street lines.
STREET PAINT NEEDED: The street art on Race Street is pretty amazing. Is it possible there is any of the road paint left to re-do the lane lines on some of the busy intersections downtown? Many of the busiest ones no longer indicate the lane directions at the traffic lights. Especially important are double yellow lines to indicate when a street is two ways for a partial distance, like Glasgow Street.

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