Town Square, Sept. 4, 2019

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NEPA Bay Bridge Study
The study is about halfway completed and has narrowed to three alternatives: Connecting via Queen County; Connecting where the bridges are currently located; and connecting via Talbot County. There will be public hearings, but we will need help at the hearings to ensure the final recommendation is not connecting via Talbot. The hearing is Oct. 3 at the Community Center from 6-8 pm. EDITOR’S NOTE: The Talbot County Community Center is at 10028 Ocean Gateway in Easton. Call (410) 770-8050.

NOT IN QAC: Queen Anne’s County has to be the worst. It will do nothing to relieve traffic stress at existing bridge. Honestly, Talbot or Dorchester connections would relieve traffic stress. Another bridge where the bridge is at now will just ease congestion at the bridge but still will clog all routes.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Drop it right in Talbot. Opens up access to the Western Shore, only 15 minutes from Cambridge. It doesn’t affect critical areas in Dorchester, brings Economic Development to Dorchester and increases my property value.

BILLIONS: The land on Tilghman Island will not handle the roads. Just building the access roads from U.S. 50 to a bridge crossing there would cost billions and end up turning some areas into another Kent Island. I’m not even sure Ocean City would still be there by the time they got everything built.

LIKE DELAWARE?: Look at the bridge on Route 1 in Delaware. Take away the tolls, put an easy pass overhead a mile before the bridge, and get rid of the 11 or 12 lanes that merge into two or three. That’s where the real problem is.

FERRIES AND TRAINS: Bring back the ferry and train systems. Many areas throughout the country, and the world, maintain both of these as alternatives.

ONLY NOSTALGIA: It would certainly be nostalgic, but the four ferries in service only carried about 60-70 vehicles each. So that’s about 280 cars in transit at one time. How many cars cross the bridge in this day and age? Don’t know exactly but way, way more than that. In the 1940s and 50s, a trip to St. Michaels would take a minimum of four, sometimes as much as six hours.

DIG IT: Create a tunnel at the mouth of the Bay and let people use it to get to the lower part of the Eastern Shore and not interfere with Queen Anne’s or Talbot counties.

ENVIRONMENTAL COST: This is not what sustainable development looks like. Unsustainable development compromises all efforts and funds spent restoring the Chesapeake Bay and the rest of Maryland’s environment.

MONORAIL: The only sensible and probably cheapest long-term answer is an elevated monorail from OC across to Annapolis. Public transport connections would be needed at all stops and facilities.

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