Town Square May 30, 2018

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Last week, 505 Race St. suffered more partial collapses, and local folks had plenty to say about it. – Editor

SET A LIMIT: This building has been an eyesore for about six years. During that time, the residents and business owners have been forced to put up with it. I would recommend that the City of Cambridge give the owners 14 days to either take it down or have the repairs completed to usable condition. If not completed on time, the city could possibly use emergency funds to take it down and then take legal recourse against individual owners or groups.

A MESS: Get rid of that mess on Race Street. It will still be there just like that mess going to Long Wharf. I think it’s an eyesore. I avoid going to Long Wharf just because of the road.

PARKING: I for one believe it all needs to be gone. My neighbors and I could use more parking.

WASTE: We don’t need to waste grant money or taxpayers’ money on a building in this condition. Common sense is needed.

REEKS OF DANGER: So many things that are needed and should be a priority are ignored. High Street is disgraceful, as well as this eyesore of a building that just reeks of danger. Someone is bound to be hurt if proper attention isn’t given.

USE FOR SCHOOLS: The money that was spent on this building should have used for our schools.

HUNK OF RUBBLE: Knock that thing down already. Because it’s historic, there are too many rules and regulations they have to follow to restore it, that wouldn’t be there if they just tore the hunk of rubble down and built new.

INJURIES?: It is a public nuisance. Too much of that building has already come down. How many buildings are they going to allow to collapse before someone is seriously injured or killed?

NEW LIFE: people wonder why Cambridge and Dorchester County is so dead. Just look at these old buildings that has worn out their usefulness. Take them down and bring new life into town.

POTENTIAL: All of that block needs to come down. Rebuild Cambridge, revitalize. Look at St. Michaels. Cambridge has the potential, tourism and cruise ships. Look for potential.

HAZARD: It is a public danger, hazard and hindrance for businesses in the area.

IMAGE: Yet they worry a food truck might harm the image of the city.

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