Town Square, May 23, 2018

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CRABS AND DOLLARS: The majority of America is already in the “paid-less-than-living-wages” category (“Shortage of pickers is creating hardships,” Dorchester Banner, May 16). A large number of Americans seem to be ok with this, because they’d rather have everything outsourced via other countries in order to save a buck. You don’t get to have it both ways.

DEPENDENT ON OTHERS: Shame so dependent on a workforce outside of this country.

911 D.C.: Call Trump.

RESULTS: Votes have consequences. They voted for him…now pay the price.

DECENT WAGE: Pay the American people to do the job. Pay the Shoreans a decent wage and have them do the work.

FIGHTER: Look out Diontaye Edmonds (“Edmonds fights for recovering mother, Army,” Dorchester Banner, May 16) is on the move, building an empire.

PRIORITY: Keep God in your life and go all the way. I love you.

‘TIMELESS’ SUCCESS: Josh, (“C-SD graduate Wade in NBC’s ‘Timeless,’ Dorchester Banner, May 16) I’m so proud of you as you know I read the article in the paper

LOVE THE GRIND: I love the man you have become. You are doing an amazing job and soon all this hard work will pay off. I’m looking at God’s work in progress, he has really been blessing you to be able to grind like you do. I love you, lil brother, your motivation keeps me motivated to grind hard as I move towards my goal. I love you more than words can say.

FAITH: I knew you could do it hold on to your blessing and keep your hands in God’s hands.

SELFISH: I am not sure that shoppers in Cambridge are less considerate than elsewhere, but it certainly seems so. How about those folks who leave their empty shopping carts in parking spaces, or dump ashtrays and accumulated junk on the ground? In the stores, they dump unwanted items on the shelves, including frozen items, not returning them their proper place. A recent visit to the supermarket revealed a customer sitting on the floor going through egg cartons checking eggs, not for broken shells as we all do, but selecting the largest ones for her carton. On another occasion, an inquiry to the butcher about the availability of a particular cut of meat resulted in being told that expensive cuts are not placed in the meat cases because of thefts. And lastly, there are those with 20 items in the cart in the 12 max lane.

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