Town Square, May 22, 2019

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At the Dorchester County Board of Education’s meeting May 16, Sheriff James Phillips endorsed Vaughn Evans for interim superintendent. On May 17, the board announced two finalists for the post, Cambridge-South Dorchester High School Principal Dave Bromwell and Caroline County’s Director of Instruction Lisa Hopkins. Readers responded.

SHOCKED: This is very shocking, to say the least. However, this shows the hearsay to be true.

WHY SO QUIET?: Why wouldn’t this have been announced at the evening meeting?

SUPPORT FOR EVANS: After reading many opinions from parents, and citizens who want the best for their children and DoCo, it seems that Mr. Evans should have the job. He is well respected by many, well versed in the educational system, and seems to want what is right and best for the children. After all, they are our future. They deserve his leadership.

CONSTITUENTS: I really wish the Board of Ed would listen to the community.

THINK AGAIN?: Maybe if enough people in the community get behind Mr. Evans, the Board would be made to reconsider.

SUPPORT FOR BROMWELL: Dave Bromwell will be the best choice. Pick from within the county. We all see what happened last time. I’ll hate to see him leave C-SDHS, but I think he would be great asset to the board.

VOTERS’ VOICES: It’s a shame we can’t vote for a candidate. We vote for members of the board, so why not vote for superintendent? Mr. Evans would have my vote.

CLEAN WATER: Trash in our waterways is hurting our local watermen. You may be asking how so; well, I’ll explain it for you. I’m a part-time waterman and I find myself picking up clumps of plastic waste in the water rather than getting crabs because if we don’t pick up the waste then it can and will affect the creatures living in these waters. The plastic can kill the crabs, which will not only affect the ecosystem but also our economy. This problem affects all of us and it is very fixable. Everyone in our community can come together and solve this problem before it’s too late. The solution to this problem is to put more recycling bins near boat ramps or places such as Sailwinds or just simply holding onto the items until they can be thrown into one. We can fix this problem together by creating equal opportunity for waterman and others to clean up our water.

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