Town Square, May 15, 2019

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Readers congratulated Rip Cornish after the Banner published an article May 8 about his success, “MLMS student is selected as a student ambassador”.
IMPRESSIVE: Congratulations to Rip Cornish! What an impressive young person who will have a positive impact on many. We need more students like him.

Readers took part in the continuing conversation on the causes and responses for school violence.
COMMUNITY ISSUE: It doesn’t absolve the school from maintaining some kind of atmosphere for learning. The reality is that there aren’t three fights a week at the grocery store, or department store, or even the social service office, as far as I’m aware. Everyone wants to find one problem, and one solution, because it’s the easiest thing to do, but it’s a community issue. Mr. Bramble rinsing his hands of the problem, or the schools not adhering to the same set of laws and rules that the rest of us use, are the same as parents that don’t have a set of standards.

Readers responded to Phil Reed’s May 8 guest commentary regarding behavior in schools, “We need to make things better.”

FEW CONSEQUENCES: Great read. Back in the day, children were taught and knew you if you didn’t respect elders, parents, or teachers, etc. without any consequence. Now, there are very few consequences for these behaviors in our society.

READ REED: Kudos to Mr. Reed for speaking out. He is a regular substitute at C-SD and knows what’s going on and loves teaching. We have awesome kids, administrators, teachers and substitute teachers. Mr. Reed needs to be on the school board.

APATHY: It was amazing that kids were told to stay in place and police responded, yet we received no “robo call” to let us know. I got dozens of robo calls for the junior prom planning meetings, but nothing when this fight happened or that big fight last year. They have some great teachers, but they are outnumbered by the apathetic ones.

Readers responded to the Banner’s May 8 article, “C-SD’s Principal Bromwell tells of behavior issues.”

GO HELP: Teachers and administrators should not be blamed. Social media and home life plays into these decisions the students are making. They need to be supported and given more resources and help in dealing with troubled youth rather than judged by outsiders. Go observe, volunteer or substitute/help.

GET A GRIP: This is the result of the “Village” not raising the children: Parents getting locked up for disciplining their children; No Child Left Behind, etc. Everybody wants all the benefits for themselves, but the children get left out. So, stop throwing stones and help come up with solutions. We have to get a grip on our children or our future is lost.

HOME CURE: This is why I’m homeschooling.

WORRIES: My child is in the 8th grade and will be attending C-SDHS next year. Maybe I should look into private school.

The Dorchester County Board of Education will hold a public meeting on Thursday at 4 p.m.

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