Town Square, June 25, 2019

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The Maryland Department of Aging reduced funding for Delmarva Community Services’ meals program by 60 percent. DCS will hold a concert on Sunday, from 3-5 p.m., to raise money. Citizens responded.

CONCERT TO BENEFIT ELDERLY: Mary Spellman Handley wasn’t going to take that lying down. So she put together a benefit concert. So if you happen to be on the Eastern Shore next Sunday, you can pay what you can to feed hungry folks, hug the amazing Mary Handley. There are lots of really great performers you can see, like Anne Watts, if you have a couple of bucks to throw at a really good cause.

WORTHY CAUSE: Join us if you can for this worthy cause. The budget to feed elderly shut ins has been drastically cut and will mean that many of our county’s neediest people will go hungry. It will be a fun-filled night of music and will no doubt fill your soul as we help fill their bellies.

Delmarva Community Services held its annual prom for clients of Delmarva Works, DCS’s program for individuals with developmental disabilities.

GREAT EVENT: What a great way to appreciate our brothers and sisters.

FUN: Beautiful couples. I know they had a lot of fun.

JOY: This makes my heart happy.

FRIENDSHIP: What a great show of friendship.

At their meeting on June 18, members of the Dorchester County Council decided unanimously to allow the lease for Kay’s at the Airport Restaurant to be transferred to the owner’s daughter, meaning that the popular spot will remain open.

VISITORS: Kay’s is one of stops when we visit from Florida.

HAPPY CUSTOMER: Awesome news love eating there.

CHEERS: Yay! We love Kay’s.

GOOD NEWS: Best news I’ve gotten all day.

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