Town Square July 4, 2018

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MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE: Thank you Cambridge Police Department for what you do, putting yourselves in harms way 24/7 to protect our city. What a thankless job you have. Know that you are appreciated and prayed for daily. Keep doing what you are doing, and the law-abiding citizens of this town will always have your back. For those spewing hatred, just know: If you call on them in your hour of need, even though they know you hate them, they will come. They will help you. They will protect you. Let that sink in.

INTELLIGENT DEBATE: It is unfortunate that civil discussion on important issues seems to be a thing of the past. People are too quick to turn to personal attacks instead of intelligently debating the real issues. I am sad for our country. We could do so much better if we could work to find common ground and take small steps toward addressing the many problems this country is facing.

POOR TURNOUT: Sad to see that there was a poor voter turn-out for the Republican primary across the Mid Shore. I’m glad to see John Mautz won his primary. Dorchester still has no representation in the house since Keith Graffius wasn’t elected. This race blows my mind more than others.

A MESS: I voted for Keith Graffius. This state is going to be a mess soon – self-inflicted wounds mostly. God help us come November.

A VOICE: Dorchester is, however, home to State Senator of District 37 Addie Eckardt. Dorchester is well represented.

SAD: I voted and voted correctly. Sad some people don’t care, but then complain.

HATE: The big thing I hate about Maryland is that it’s a Democratic state. That’s the reason I’m considering my husband’s suggestion to move to Florida, a Republican state.

FUTURE FEW: Start being kinder to teachers and start parenting like you should, because most colleges have hardly anyone entering college for any type of education degree. There are only 41 freshman going to University of Maryland – College Park to be educators – 41! Check the stats on the school: It’s D1 and huge. Like 45,000 students huge. Only 41 freshman want to teach. Keep abusing teachers and raising your kids to be disrespectful and look what happens.

AT A LOSS: This past school year was riddled with placating parents, letting fights go unpunished, and worrying about test scores. I’m at a loss. Ready to go back to bartending.

IMPACT: I feel sad for kids in schools who won’t have certified teachers. This is going to impact future generations for a long time if things don’t change.

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