Town Square, July 3, 2019

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A Jacktown family was left homeless after a fire early Monday morning. Citizens responded.

THANK GOD: This is down the street from me. It’s sad, I know those people. Thank God for the neighbors getting the family out.

ASKING FOR HELP: Prayers for the family.

GRATITUDE FOR THE VOLUNTEERS: Thank you, Rescue Fire Company and all others who responded.

BEST WISHES: So happy they are all safe. Sending warm and healing thoughts today.

Delmarva Community Services, Inc. held a well attended fund-raising concert on Sunday after the state’s Department of Aging cut senior meal funds.
FEED THE NEED: Dorchester County has shown up to feed its seniors. This whole debacle has been so unnecessary but none the less, all races, all ages, all socio-economic levels have come to help feed those in need.

Renovations began last week at the Phillips Packing Company in Cambridge, where workmen were seen restoring the twin smoke stacks.

VENUE?: I am wondering if this can be turned into an open-air venue of sorts.

LANDMARK: They came over to my work today and offered for us to take a brick from the stack. I’m sure if you want one you can get one when they are there. 😊 They are encouraging locals to take a brick because it’s a historical landmark.

TEARS: I cried when I saw that. My granddad worked there for many years. We used to play in there waiting for dad. I would love to have four bricks for myself and my sisters and brother.

RENOVATIONS: I work right across the street from this place and today a lady who is working with the project brought over a brick and said she was giving them to the local places. She thought the project was going to be done in the next several days. Maybe you can go by there and see if you can get a couple of bricks. The lady told me that the renovations to the smoke stacks will cost about $650,000 because they have to meet the guidelines of the historical society.

EYEWITNESS: I love the fact that I work right across the street, so I can watch the renovations unfold as they happen.

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