Town Square, July 16, 2019

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The annual Taste of Cambridge was held Saturday on Poplar and Race streets, attracting crowds of locals and tourists who sampled some of Dorchester’s best dishes.

CULINARY DESTINATION: On behalf of our judging crew, all were great dishes and the decisions were not easy. Thanks for making Cambridge a culinary destination for the discerning foodie.

HOOKED ON SNAKEHEAD: Thanks for including snakehead on the tasting menu. I probably would have never tasted it if you hadn’t. Quite tasty! Everything was awesome. Well done!

Readers responded to the news that Cambridge City Commissioner Dave Cannon (Third Ward) had withdrawn his support for a controversial initiative that would have given the council final say on city hiring and promotions. Mr. Cannon is also employed as advertising director at the Banner.

STANDING UP: Dave Cannon, thank you for standing up for the right thing.

GRATITUDE: Thank you Dave Cannon.

HEAT: Feeling the heat I bet.

The Board of Education made administrative appointments recently [Dorchester Banner, July 10]. Bob Helgason is the new principal of Hurlock Elementary School, and Heather Edgar is the new assistant principal at Maple Elementary School. Citizens offered their congratulations.

PROUD FORMER TEACHER: I am very proud to say that I taught Bobby in kindergarten. He was a wonderful kid then and a more fantastic educator now. Hurlock is very lucky that he will be back where he belongs.

DESERVING: You go, Mr. Helgason, you deserve that principal position.

AT THE HELM: Congratulations Bobby, they couldn’t have chosen a better or more deserving person to take the helm there.

HARD WORK PAYS OFF: I’m so proud of you, Heather Edgar, for getting the assistant principal’s job. You’ve worked so hard over the years for this and it’s finally happening.

Members of the Cambridge Rotary Club placed flags on the Sailwinds amphitheater in honor of Memorial Day [Dorchester Banner, July 10, “Club celebrates ‘Flags for Heroes’ campaign”]

BEAUTY: Thank you, Cambridge Rotary Club. It is a beautiful and fitting display.

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