Town Square, Jan. 30, 2019

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Readers had a lot to say after reading the Banner’s Jan. 23 article, “County department heads are forced out.”

SIGNIFICANT LOSSES: I continue to hear that Dorchester County needs jobs, which is true. So what do three council people do in their first two months? Fire those people who were working hard in the best interest of the citizens of Dorchester County and attracting new businesses. Losing Jeff Trice, Anna Sierra and Jeremy Goldman are significant losses to our county.
CONSEQUENCES: This is becoming very concerning. I hope those of you who voted for “change” can live with the consequences of your vote. Not sure the county can.

NEW ERA: The “good ole boy network” is crumbling. The days of back-room decisions are coming to a end.
BACK ROOMS: So having a closed session and terminating individuals who were making a positive improvements to Dorchester County because they “work at the pleasure of Council” is not back-room politics?
PUSHED OUT: Anybody who tries to do good in this county and city eventually gets pushed out. They do not tolerate professionalism.

DRAIN THE SWAMP: Sounds to me like they are draining the corrupt Dorchester Government swamp. They should walk on egg shells. Our county has been a bad joke for too long. My family has been here in South Dorchester for over 300 years. We have watched in disgust since 1968 how liberal policies have ruined the southern county. Y’all got county folk riled up. We want to see our area thrive with jobs. Not welfare and handouts.
JUST GIVE THEM A CHANCE: I voted for one of these people and I am quite confident that this person has good reason for what has been going on. You talk about the three people running things. Well turn about is fair play, for years three other people were running things to the point where one of them thought he was the boss and king of the county. People are elected to do what the People want NOT what they want. It’s about time our council did what the people want. I’m behind them 100 percent.

DUE PROCESS: There is such a thing as due process. You don’t go off half cocked and just start firing people without taking the time to learn and understand what those departments are doing or how they are being run. You don’t make decisions based on what you “think” or what you have “heard” is happening.
FEAR: Sad to see all of this happening in my home county. I don’t know what’s happening, but I fear it’s for the worse.

Readers responded to County Council Member Lenny Pfeffer’s (District 4) letter to the editor, “In my opinion,” regarding the loss of department heads.
OUT OF CONTROL: Lenny, thank you for having the courage to write this. What is occurring based on three council people is a disgrace. I agree that their constituents did not elect them to take Dorchester backwards. I am hopeful that the citizens will stand up and let Council Members William Nichols (District 2), Jay Newcomb (District 1) and Libby Nagel (District 5) that they are out of control and not representing Dorchester County with good intentions.

TRUST: These three council members either are part of or owners of extremely successful business operations. I’m sure they have the information and intelligence to run this county that’s been going backwards, not just after they were elected. Let their plans and ideas work out before anyone makes judgment on their decisions. Educate yourself on the whole picture and not personal friendships and likes. Bottom line is they have a reason for the way they do things and educate yourselves on that before listening to and spreading street corner rumors and opinions.
BULLYING: I have worked with many council members over the years in various ways. I have seen the good and the bad, but I have never seen a small group of elected officials come in and just start firing people. Sorry, they may have an “agenda,” but so far they have not articulated it very well and honestly they have not been in office long enough to really know the details of the departments or how they work or don’t work. At least have the decency to sit down with these employees and discuss things with them before firing them. They have attacked a sitting member of the council, which was proved incorrect, making it much more difficult for the entire council to work together in a productive manner. I have no personal friendship with anyone on the council, although I am familiar with all but one of them. I simply have a hard time understanding this kind of bullying and think it makes our county look bad.

Readers responded to the Banner’s story regarding an audit clearing Simmons’ Center Market’s sales to the county government.
DISGRACE: It is a disgrace for anyone to suggest that Center Market and the family have been dishonest. This family business has been a part of Cambridge’s community for as far back as I can remember. The family business has always been run with honesty, integrity and respect. Center Market has been an asset to this community. Through the years when downtown was thriving with business, and everyone else was turning people away, Center Market welcomed their business. Those other businesses closed many years ago and Center Market is still going strong today.

COMPARE TO AMAZON: Mr. Pfeffer compared the prices at Simmons to Amazon. That’s not a fair comparison. He should have compared their prices to local venues like Webster’s, Walmart, Food Lion or Save A Lot to get the real picture. I can hardly believe that an independent grocer like Simmons can offer items cheaper than some place like Walmart.
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