Town Square, Jan. 2, 2019

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In our Dec. 26 issue, the article, “Shore groups to demand [Rep. Andy] Harris back reform” announced a planned demonstration for Jan. 3, in which progressive organizations will seek changes in issues including voter access and money in politics. Readers responded.

WON’T HAPPEN: They can ask for Harris’ support, but they’re not going to get it! Harris only does what the Republican Party tells him to do!

BETTER NOT: Having read that – Andy Harris don’t you dare support it!

As the nation wrestles with the idea of government funding and the possibility of a wall on the Mexican border, citizens speak out.

INEFFECTIVE: That wall is a 19th Century solution to a 21st Century problem. Walls don’t work. Ask the people of Berlin, Germany and the Chinese.

SECURITY: We must have border security to include walls, drones, ICE, and military if needed, to stop killer drugs, terrorists (it only takes 1 determined terrorist to kill many people) gang members, disease and so much more. Please name just one country that does not have border security.

WONDER OF THE WORLD: The Great Wall of China was highly effective and one of the wonders of the world. The Berlin Wall came down due to a emerging desire for democracy, till then effective. These walls were a solution to the problems of their day. Israel finds their wall lifesaving.

EASILY DEFEATED: Have you seen their wall? It is being dug deep below the surface because, shocker, they were tunneling under it, It has watch towers and is nowhere near 2000 miles so much easier to patrol. If we were to do that here $5 billion wouldn’t make a dent. So far the fence he is proposing would be easily defeated. A wall or fence patrolled in strategic locations could help some, but they are painting this as the only effective option. It is because he promised it and that’s it.

WHO PAYS?: First we were told that Mexico would pay for it, now we are told that the Democrats won’t pay for it. There was a time when Republicans shut down the government to stop spending taxpayers’ funds. Now, the president shuts down the government because he wants to use deficit spending to pay for a wall that will not protect the US. How pathetic.

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