Town Square for June 27, 2018

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PLANTATION LIFE: We need effective ordinances that don’t prohibit legal activities just because they are not listed in the code. This is the same as saying, “You can’t do that because I didn’t say you could.”
Talk about the legacy of “Plantation Life” – Gotta stop! We live in a country that has at its foundation the principles of capitalism, free markets, private property and quiet enjoyment. Under the law, we should be able to exercise our rights.
If the law is not working for us, then let’s figure out ways to be law-abiding citizens. Get in the process and change onerous laws, such as common-sense beneficial sign laws, address silent-to-the-code language, use vs. activity, food trucks, etc.

NEED CHANGE: We do need to change the system and it will only happen if we stand together. We need some common-sense rule making.
We have people writing rules who have no idea what it takes to run a business and how hard it is to make it work. Most small-business owners don’t have the time or money to waste on fighting the problem, they just want to make a living.
I would like to have one meeting with local residents and business owners to gather thoughts on changes and then have another meeting with officials attending.

TOGETHERNESS: Unity is definitely needed in order to make the difference in Dorchester County. We have to come together.

VOTE: I feel our city is awesome. The leadership is what is lacking. We have to vote in business-friendly leadership.

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