Town Square, Feb. 27, 2019

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Speculation has begun around the state that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is considering a run for the Republican nomination for president. Banner readers shared their views.

NO SUPPORT: One reason I would not vote for Hogan for anything anymore is because he signed an anti-conversion bill (homosexuals) into law. I also think he overdid it when he had all school districts start after Labor Day. I see the point, but I think the decision to do that should rely on each county.

FINISH TERM FIRST: I would like to see him govern Maryland for the next four years. I know the timing would be off for him, but I’d like to see him finish the job that a lot of people voted for him to do.

NOT READY: I really like Hogan a lot. But, I think he’d be in over his head running for POTUS.

OUT OF THIS WORLD: Of course the Democrats like him. He’s one of them. He’s as much a Republican as I am a Martian.

REALLY GOP?: You don’t primary someone in your own party…that’s if Hogan is a Republican.

AFFABLE, BUT…:To me Trump is Ross Perot 2.0. I like him. I’ve met Hogan and found him affable and I feel like he betrayed the watermen. I voted for him as governor but I can’t see him as president.

RATINGS UP: Remember in 2016 when the press told us Hillary Clinton had a 98 percent chance of winning, and Trump had a 2 percent chance? Pres. Trump’s approval ratings are through the roof right now.

RATINGS DOWN: Trump’s approval rating is in the toilet. He may not make it past prison.

North Dorchester High School student Jocelyn Meyers was named 2019 Miss Outdoors on Friday evening.
YAY JOCELYN: Congratulations to 2019 Miss Outdoors Jocelyn Meyers and to all of the wonderful contestants. Each and every one of you represented our county well, and made us proud.

PRIDE: Jocelyn Meyers won the Miss Outdoors pageant. She sang “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman for her talent. I am so proud of her. Wish I could have been there.

WELL DONE, LADIES: I’m so proud of all the girls this year. Great job, ladies and congratulations.

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