Town Square, Dec. 26, 2018

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County Manager Jeremy Goldman was terminated on Dec. 18, at the County Council’s meeting. Readers responded.

THANK YOU MR. GOLDMAN: I as a Dorchester County citizen I would like to commend the work of Mr. Goldman. He worked tirelessly to provide efficiencies to the workings of government operations which in turn improved the quality of every citizen of this county. He was a state of the art operations person advancing Dorchester County into modern and relevant practices which I hope will continue. Thank you for your contributions Mr. Goldman

COMMON SENSE: Politics. It often gets in the way of common sense.

POLITICS: Backdoor politics hired him — backdoor politics fired him!

TROUBLE: You have been in office not even for a month. You can honestly tell me this wasn’t vindictive? This county is in a serious world of trouble at this point, here goes the downward decline of this county’s government.

CHANGING TIMES: Welcome to politics. The tides have shifted like it or not.

RECKLESS: I knew there was one chosen who shouldn’t have been, who thinks she should run things. It’s totally wrong and reckless.

PAYBACK?: Jay I really hope this isn’t payback. You are better than that.

THE REASON: Why? I know there are new people in office but I thought he was doing a good job. Politics. Never will get it even as long as I have been involved. Would really like to understand the why.

PROJECTS AND DECENCY: Doesn’t make it right to do it in such a public manner with no warning. Speaking of hiring another manager, where do they stand on all the projects and the budgets? Do they even know what the projects are and how to keep them moving? Who is going to do that? I just think there should have been a little preparation on this and maybe a little more decency in how it was done.

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