Town Square, Dec. 12, 2018

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This week, citizens discuss the idea of using public funds, such as vouchers, to support private schools.

PROFITEERS: If you’re going to use taxes to fund private schools, you should tax the organizations which run those schools and regulate them so that you don’t get people like Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and other profiteers from scamming citizens.

PITIFUL: Look into how American public school students stack up against students in the rest of the world. It’s pitiful and getting worse all the time.
This isn’t something that has begun the past two years, but over the course of decades. Many of those that don’t drop out of high school graduate functionally illiterate. Use school vouchers now for parents and students interested in getting an education and not having to put up with this foolishness that occurs in many public schools today.

TAXES FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS: I insist that my tax dollars fund public education, not private schools. I have no children but I want all children to have access to quality education in the public schools, as they will be running the country and taking care of us when we are no longer able ourselves. Secretary DeVos has no clue and is unqualified to make decisions on this issue.

PROGRESS: We need to support public education. America has come a long way with public education. I do not wish to have my tax dollars going to private schools. Some of these non-public schools simply hand out work books. That is not how most children learn. Secretary DeVos has no training in the area of public or private education. She’s another unqualified political hack. I’m sure she means well, but she is out of her league.

PARENTS WHO WANT BETTER: Baltimore City invests more than $15,000 per pupil in its public school system. Five Maryland jurisdictions are in the Top 10 in the United States in their investment in students’ attending public school. If you think money equates to educational success, then you really have no clue what you’re talking about. Do you think money is going to make up for 76 percent of babies being born in the black community being born to a single parent, with a good chance that the parent raising that child is under or uneducated him or herself? The value and importance of a child understanding that getting an education is important begins and ends in the home. For parents who want better for their children, don’t you think they should be entitled to school vouchers so they could send their children to a school like Urban Prep?

OPPOSED: As a retired educator – public school and then a public university – I am totally against this movement. Betsy DeVos has no clue about what works and would segregate our schools even more than is now the case.

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