Town Square, Aug. 29, 2018

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The Dorchester County Board of Education announced on Aug. 21 that Superintendent Dr. Diana Mitchell had gone on a leave of absence. Citizens’ responses are below. Dr. Mitchell returned to duty on Monday. – Editor

AMAZING: I find it amazing that the Dorchester County Public Schools have been 24 out of 24 counties for a very long time, that fights have always occurred in the schools, students have been caught with guns and drugs prior to her arrival as well as a teacher having a sexual relationship with a student. However, none of that seemed ever to be a problem until she arrived. Kindergarten students have the cops called on them, students passing who can’t read or do basic math, however we have people attempting to blame her. It’s really obvious what the issue is. People will claim it has nothing to do with her race. Why didn’t anyone complain about these issues prior to her being appointed to the position? Where were these concerns and outrage? Way too many people in the county have some serious issues when you have failed these students for well over 20 years.

COLOR: Very unfortunate that you just commented with a racial remark. Very unnecessary. Children are taught this race blame at home from adults that influence them. They take it to school and think it’s appropriate because they watch their parents teach it and speak it daily. Parents are to blame for being lax and preoccupied. Race calling is very unkind. She is Dr. Mitchell and should be referred to as such, not called out due to the color of her skin.

UNDERSTAND: Local people are most of the time better to run schools on the Eastern Shore because they understand the community.

GET A LOCAL: Guess they should have listened when people said bringing an outsider in wasn’t what was best.

ONE MORE THING: It’s always something with this county

???: Lots of questions.

Downtown Cambridge asked local residents the following question. Some of their responses are below. – Editor

So if Downtown Cambridge were granted $5,000 towards a streetscape beautification project in the district (Academy, Muse, Market, Spring, High, Poplar, Race, Pine Streets General areas) what would you do? Tell us your ideas!

POCKET PARKS: Several pocket parks with shade, benches, art, a small fountain, scented flowers, greenery, wind chimes, moving sculptures – something for all five senses.

PARKING: Some help with parking. There is no suitable parking for the number of businesses and restaurants that downtown supports.

GATEWAY: In my opinion, Cambridge needs some kind of entrance way, or gateway into the historic district. Trees are always good. There could be uplighting with seasonal colors.

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