Town Square, Aug. 28, 2019

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Emergency preparedness
NOT COVERED: Get flood insurance if you can. It’s not covered under your homeowners.

FINE PRINT: FEMA is running out of money? Be sure to read the fine print involved with flood insurance. There are people still waiting for flood insurance settlements from past storms.

Opioid crisis
RECOVERY: I say this with sincerity: I have family members who have been there, and I thank those who have helped rescue them. They are doing well, now, thanks to their health insurance policies.

STUPIDITY: I’ve been around these junkies for 20 years and believe me, they know exactly what they are doing when they stick the needle in their arm. No health insurance in the world can cure stupidity.

WORSE: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) caused several people I know to lose their heath insurance, and even more people I know to have to switch to worse health insurance.

BANKRUPTED: I don’t claim to know all about health insurance, but I do know that without it, a family can be bankrupted if they have a catastrophic illness like cancer. Many people in the US still depend on their employers for their coverage, and many employers try to find the cheapest policies to offer their employees. Sometimes, those employers are forced to use high deductibles to be able to get a policy for their employees. Sometimes, families “fall in between the cracks” when they apply for individual insurance, and don’t qualify for any subsidies and cannot afford the premiums.

DESPERATE NEED: More health care is needed for this crisis. I am grateful that friends and family who have needed this kind of service were able to access it through their ACA insurance. Many people who can not get insurance desperately need Medicaid. Thank heavens that Maryland has improved access for those people.

Economy and the president
SOCIALIST: Who amongst the farmers will accept the socialist payoffs by Trump for his tariff disasters? Here comes a recession, thanks to President Trump and his minions. So close to being Communist as he turns redder and redder, blinded by his love of gold and the ostentatious display at the Kremlin. It has happened before.

BLEEDING HEARTS: It would be nice if you bleeding-heart liberals would come up with something original, just once. I’ll bet you had no problem with President Obama raising the debt more than all the former presidents before him.

JOB AT STAKE: Everyone can complain about Democratic policies that will never pass, but one man, President Trump, is singlehandedly messing up my daily economy. My household contributes to the economy, I have never taken a dime from the government. Why is President Trump punishing me by putting my husband’s job at stake? Nobody agrees with this trade war, except a few lackeys he hired.

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