Town Square Aug. 1, 2018

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Readers responded to Mike Brown’s July 25 letter to the editor, “Treasonous,” regarding President Donald Trump’s meeting July 16 with Russian President Vladimir Putin. – Editor

THEY KNEW: My Hispanic and Black friends were afraid to even enter Dorchester County during the election season. They saw those Trump signs and knew what we should know now. That man has turned the rock over and let all the racist slime out into the mainstream light. His policies have hurt the businesses of his voters but people still find ways to despise Democrats. Also, don’t we totally depend on the beauty of the Eastern Shore for business and tourism? The EPA is being dismantled. By Republicans! By the way, I am a Republican. And I’m going to vote Democratic next time.

FAR LEFT: The last thing we need is more Democrats. The Democratic party is going so far to the socialist left as to be unrecognizable to reasonable people. They have become unhinged in their hatred. To all reasonable, common-sense Democrats (and I know you are out there), your party left you.

MODERATE: I am a Democrat and I totally agree with Mr. Brown. Trump and his ignorant supporters should read the news more and find out what that egomanic is doing to this country. Sometimes I’m ashamed of the people in Dorchester, that they have no more sense than to vote for a racist, narcisstic dictator. No wonder he likes Putin — he is his idol! The best thing that could happen in November is for the Democrats to take back Congress. The GOP are spinless jellyfish who think if they side with Trump they will get elected. Though I am a Democrat I vote for some Republicans, like Larry Hogan, he is a moderate and a wonderful person. He should be the President, then the country would have a chance at remaining a democracy instead of a Trumpocracy! Power to the Democrats … go in November!

HELP FOR ALL: I am a Republican a Trump supporter and am not racist. His policies are helping all citizens and businesses in the country. Stop listening to the sound bites and the political posturing and find out the truth. The leftist policies that pit groups against each other to further their own power are the real racists.

The Tri-City Little League 11-12 boys were knocked out of Regional Championship competition on July 25, but not before they had gained many fans and supporters. – Editor

LOOKING AHEAD: Good job anyway guys, you did your best. There’s always next year.

HOMETOWN PRIDE: We are proud of you all. Way to go, boys.

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