Town Square, April 3, 2019

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Beloved local figure and triathlon race director Gerry Boyle died suddenly on March 25. A world-wide outpouring of condolences included the following messages. A petition on to the Cambridge City Council to rename Great Marsh Park in honor of Mr. Boyle is gaining signatures.

REMEMBRANCE: Gerry Boyle would be humbled. Please take a moment and sign the petition to name Great Marsh Park after our extraordinary friend.

ALWAYS: He is a permanent icon in this community.

MUCH LOVED: He was a remarkable person who was a man of many friends.

LEGACY: He was an incredible man, I loved this guy in so many ways. He contributed so much to his community and to the those toeing the line at Ironman races. He leaves behind a huge legacy and how to live your passion. Mr. Scotsman, you will be greatly missed.

The Banner reported online the announcement of Dorchester County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Diana Mitchell on Friday afternoon. Readers responded.

TEARS: I weep for Dorchester. I taught for 52 years, which included countless treasured moments in the local schools. Hopefully all will end well as in a Shakespearean play.

HIRE LOCALLY: Until our community gets right, God can’t fix the problems with our school system. I hope they hire locally, someone that has achieved and shown leadership at the county level.

PARENTS’ JOB: Everyone always wants to blame officials, and while it’s a shared responsibility, in fact many of the problems go back to simple basic of parents not doing the job they should and teaching their children manners and respect. Kids today and young adults don’t have this. That, coupled with an aura of they deserve anything, has these schools in a shameful place. It’s heart breaking and sad.

The Banner reported online that County Council Member Libby Nagel has been charged with electioneering. Readers responded.

GO AWAY: Dorchester County residents voted Libby in, the losers should just go away.

THANK YOU: We tried to drain the swamp but the swamp won’t go away. So she’s in trouble for passing out public information? With the current economy of this county somebody better pass out something. Thanks for trying, girl.

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