Town Square, April 17, 2019

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Cambridge government leaders are considering action on the vacant Academy School on Mill Street. A draft ordinance for the overlay district in the area of the Mill Street school house can be found on the planning page of Citizens responded.

ALREADY TRIED: Several people have tried to develop the land in the past but have never been able to make a go of it.

NICE PERCH: I would be excited for anyone to take a chance since it’s only being used right now by those turkey vultures

GET STARTED: Sadly, some people still fear redevelopment more than they fear a building collapsing in their midst. Let’s get on with this, shall we?

As the 2019 Maryland Legislative Session came to a close, many voters spoke on favor of Comptroller Peter Franchot’s running for governor.

HERE’S A VOTE: He is the only Democrat I voted for. I had a few issues with Franchot but he is an honest politician who has my support. If I still live in Maryland, Franchot has my vote.
GOP FOR A DEM: Franchot would have my vote, and I’m a Republican.
A PLAN: I want Franchot in 2022 and Hogan in D.C. in 2024.
SUPPORT: Run, run, run. Nothing I want to do more than vote for someone the legislature wants to get rid of.
TRUST: You’re the only politician in Maryland I trust. I don’t agree on everything, but you are transparent and that is something politicians severely lack.

The Federal Government has temporarily increased the cap of H-2B temporary visas by 30,000. Many workers using these visas work in the seafood industry, a mainstay of the local economy.

BIG BIZ BUCKS: H-2B is bad for our skilled workers. It only benefits big business by bringing in cheap labor.

DIGNITY: One of the biggest problems with illegal immigrants is that they over stay their visas, what is being done to see that this does not continue? I’m happy, however, that the number of H-2B visas has increased. America clearly needs these workers. We should treat them with great respect and dignity.

OPPORTUNITY: This is not anti-immigrant. This is giving them jobs as well as documenting them. If Americans would do these jobs, it would have been done already. There has been plenty of opportunity.

Musicians Margarita Loukachkina and Nikita Borisevich performed at Christ Church in Cambridge, to enthusiastic reviews.

BRAVO!: They were fabulous!! What a beautiful treat.

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