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We shared a letter from another publication on our Facebook page, regarding parents’ responsibilities in raising good students. As always, we appreciate our readers’ strongly stated, but polite responses, some of which are below. — Editor


COMPLICATED: It is not that simple, and we can’t just point the finger at any one party to say, “It’s their fault!” While this is very true for many, there is a lot all around that needs to change.


HOME: Exactly, 100 percent accurate assessment! Discipline and respect start at home.


LOVE: People do not seem to understand that teachers don’t have just one child to with with, but a classroom full. To be a teacher, you have to love the children. They do not work banker’s hours as so many think, and they buy a lot of supplies the children don’t have.


CHECK FIRST: Correct assessment – and to that I might add as a former school nurse – parents need to check the children’s demeanor in the morning. Does they seem ill? Take their temperature to be sure, and then don’t give them Tylenol and send them to school anyway!


RESPECT: Until parents teach their children and young adults (“How we can improve Dorchester schools,” by Phil Reed, Dorchester Banner, May 30) respect for teachers, police, and others, not much is going to change. No amount of money is going to teach self-respect and respect for others.


SOLUTIONS: Better discipline, more follow through, better pay and more resources for students – tutoring, mental health, social services, etc.


JOY: I am filled with a sense of joy, (Dorchester Banner’s photo album, “Cambridge-South Dorchester Class of 2018 Graduation,” Facebook, May 31) in knowing I have had the pleasure to work with so many of these students over the past four years. Congratulations to all of you. Great success in the future.


MEMORIES: Love the pics (Dorchester Banner’s photo album, “North Dorchester Class of 2018 Graduation,” Facebook, May 30), I saved a few of family members to forward to them. Thanks so much for the memories!


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