Mailed ballots: Voter fraud and mismanagement

Cambridge City Commissioner LaShon Foster

I am posting a response to [Cambridge City Commissioner] Steve Rideout’s (Ward 1) inaccurate post concerning our up-coming city election. Normally, I don’t waste energy on his deliberate misguiding of our community, but elections are too important.

First and foremost the ability to have a ballot mailed to you is great. It is also awesome that you can choose to walk in and vote.
Here are the problem areas and the ones that can lead to voter fraud and mismanagement of your ballot if mailed in.


  1. Your ballot will sit unsecured in a post office box open to all employees from the day you mail it to election day
  2. There will be no checks and balances as to who has mailed one in and who has not.
  3. Therefore, even if you mailed a ballot in, you can still go vote in person. Since they are not checking or securing the mail in votes, you can vote twice.
  4. If you vote in person and mail in a ballot, they say only your last vote will count, but the mail-in ballot will be the last, kicking out the first.
  5. If you dispute a mail -n ballot that does not belong to you, there is no signature verification to support your claim.
  6. If your ballot gets lost in the mail you will never know. There is no accountability at all on who has or who has not submitted a mail-in ballot.
  7. The fact that we are all human, subjects us all to fallacy — yes, even the postal worker can commit a crime. It has been done and will continue to be done.
  8. Mr. Rideout pointed out that people committing voter fraud can go to jail, if caught. Eliminate the areas that make this city election vulnerable to fraud.
    Possible solutions:
  9. Void out a ballot that someone reports stolen or misplaced. Give them a new number instead if the same number reported missing. When you count votes, you will know to void the one reported stolen.
  10. Secure our ballots once mailed in. Take them from the post office and let the election judges lock them up and hold the key. Our county election office takes our ballots once mailed in, documents the address and number, puts them in a secure locked box. Open to no one but their appointed staff.
    Our county election board will not conduct or oversee this election, it will be done by an outside company with little experience in conducting municipal elections.
    Our city lawyer stated that Cambridge does not have to follow our state election laws.
    Our city manager has a job to do by correcting these issues before the election. It is not too late for the city manager to add in the measures to secure this election. Call him, email him, voice your opinion at the city meetings.
    Mr. Rideout, there is a difference between mail out ballots and absentee ballots. One requires a signature and request, the other does not.
    Please continue to be safe as covid-19 continues to find victims in our community. Be safe.
    EDITOR’S NOTE: The author is Cambridge City Commissioner from Ward 3. Ms. Foster forwarded this Facebook post to the Dorchester Banner for publication.