Letters to the Editor, April 8, 2020

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Thank you from MidShore Meals til Monday

As the Director of MidShore Meals til Monday, I want to thank the community for the outpouring of support for our program. During normal times our organization sends home weekend food for about 500 Dorchester County school children through our “backpack” program.
Since the COVID-19 crisis closed our schools, we have packed and sent home more than 2,700 bags of weekend food for children and their families.
In addition, with our partnership with the Salvation Army, we have been able to help senior citizens receive food.
We are deeply grateful for our new volunteers as well as our “seasoned” helpers who are assisting us. We have also received many generous contributions.
No one know how much longer this will continue. All I can tell you is that for as long as we are able, “Meals til Monday” will be hard at work each week making bags and then distributing them at the school meal locations.
Everyone wants to help the kids and we appreciate the sacrifice it takes to volunteer during this difficult time.
It would be much safer to stay home, but our wonderful volunteers continue to show up each week to make bags of food for our students.
I am humbled and grateful for each and every one of our volunteers and the people of Dorchester County who care so much about our hungry kids.
Many people are hungry; information about where to find food can be found at www.mdfoodbank.org, click on “find food” and follow the directions. This site is updated twice a week, so the information is current.
Many people want to help us help our kids; to donate visit our website, www.midshoremealstilmonday.org.
We will send food home for as long as this crisis persists, but we need money to do it.
Funds are running low and we need all the help we can get. You can reach our office at 443-225-6789.
Thank you all, for your support.

Leslie Bishop, director
MidShore Meals til Monday

Dear DCPS Class of 2020

Despite the COVID-19 madness that swirls around us, forcing us to close schools for an undetermined amount of time, you have my personal promise that I am going to do everything possible to see that you will be recognized as graduates of Dorchester County Public Schools.
Your parents, families and I know you are disappointed, upset, confused, and sad. This is certainly not how any of us envisioned the last three months of your senior year to be.
As days stretch into weeks and possibly longer, this difficult time creates such uncertainty — I only wish I could take that uncertainty and dispose of it so we could all quickly return our lives back to normal.
All of you are so intelligent; I do not have to address all the normal senior activities that have been scheduled.
As you follow the news, the number of cancellations world-wide and dates start to get close, you do realize they are in jeopardy of not occurring.
Again, I have cancelled nothing! We will do everything possible to see that the Class of 2020 receives its due as 2020 graduates of Dorchester County Public Schools.
Interestingly, the class of 2020 came into the world, a post-Sept. 11 world in which the United States was challenged, much like it is right now. New security protocols were put in place for our country which became our new norm.
The Class of 2020 will now be known as the class that will be a part of instituting new norms involving the health, safety, and welfare of all of us during this global pandemic.
Class of 2020, you now have been forced to become used to uncertainty, and you are learning how to handle unpredictable times.
You will continue to grow and learn in this game of life. This adversity will make you stronger. You have plenty more to learn in life and I know you will share what you learn with others in the future.
One of our Dorchester County Public School promises is that our students will graduate from high school, ready for a career, college, the military, and life. You are ready, and everyone in Dorchester County is going to do everything in our power to help you get to the finish line.
I am proud of your dedication and resolve. I admire your ability to face adversity and keep moving forward.
While it may not be the senior year ending that you had dreamed of, it will be your senior year and will be unique among any other graduating class in Dorchester County.
Be flexible, stay patient, communicate and be ready for your next chapter. Learning will go on.
We will help you meet graduation requirements, complete college and scholarship applications and will support you as you prepare for work interviews — at all costs! The DCPS staff is committed to this!
Remember, you will not be JUST a 2020 graduate of Dorchester County Public Schools. You will be considered one of the most unique and proud graduating class in this county’s history!

W. David Bromwell
Dorchester Co. Public Schools