Letters to the Editor

The Dorchester Banner welcomes readers’ viewpoints on topics of public interest.

City looks for citizens’ views
With Odie Wheeler retiring in December, the city manager is in the process of developing his plan for reorganizing the city staff that he will bring to City Council for approval. In the meantime, citizens come to our meetings and let us know where we need to improve. I am also hearing from you that some things that were being done well may now be falling through the cracks.
In order that the city manager and city leadership know what may not being done that you think needs to be done, you have to let someone know. Simply complaining about something in general terms does not necessarily help us to understand the problem that needs to be fixed so that the information can be directed to the city manager for action by city staff.
The best way to do that is to go on the city website and make a report on the public reporting site on the city home page. That site is https://clients.comcate.com/newrequest.php. If you do not get a personal response within a few days, follow up and ask what is being done. Do not just accept the automatic response as meaning something is being done.
You can also contact your elected official so that each of us can be sure of your concern and get that information to the city manager for staff action. Cambridge continues to make progress in so many areas and ways. Making sure that we know from you where we can improve is part of our ongoing concerns and efforts.
Thank you for helping to improve our city.
Steve Rideout
Commissioner, Ward 1

Harrell asks for no water cut-offs
To whom it may concern:
A state of emergency and catastrophic health emergency was proclaimed by the governor of Maryland on March 5 to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the state and the state of emergency and catastrophic health emergency still exists.
Personal hygiene including hand washing with soap and water is essential to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, as the health officer responsible for the health and welfare of Dorchester County residents, I am requesting that no municipal services are disconnected during the state of emergency, to include 30 days following the end of the declaration.
Thank you for your cooperation during this state of emergency. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me.
Roger Harrell

Food prep and delivery
There are places that have hand-made pizza and do not allow the employees to wear gloves. Also, the drivers have to come into contact with people and money at their homes and they don’t know if they are in infected with COVID-19. How will the state and CDC address these problems?
Nicole Thomas

DNR Commissioner reaches out
Each March I look forward to the return of the osprey. While this generally happens before spring’s official arrival on the equinox, it makes me feel that spring – and fishing season – have arrived.
March is also when the Department of Natural Resources resumes our weekly Maryland Fishing Report, available on our website, through our email newsletter, and also via your Amazon Echo device by saying, “Alexa: open the Maryland Fishing Report.”
Regularly scheduled stocking of trout in Maryland’s streams, rivers, and ponds occurs across the state. And anglers are awaiting the beginning of the yellow perch run which will start as soon as water temperatures start rising in Eastern Shore and Southern Maryland creeks and rivers.
Given the recent declines in striped bass, Maryland made season adjustments to protect spawning striped bass in the spring and is proposing additional changes to reduce mortality during warmer times of the year. As we head into warmer weather, we would like to remind everyone to utilize circle hooks and check for red flag days using our striped bass fishing advisory forecast for the best — and the worst — times to fish.
Fishing in Maryland is fun, but it is also an essential component of the conservation and effective management of our aquatic species. For these reasons, DNR works hard to keep Marylanders of all ages engaged. Again this year, the state will host 41 youth fishing rodeos in 14 counties. Through these events, more than 4,000 children and young adults will have the opportunity to try their hand at fishing – many for the first time.
By enacting strong conservation measures, utilizing best practices, and teaching the next generation of young anglers, we can ensure that Marylanders enjoy the tradition of fishing for years to come.
Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio
Secretary of the Maryland DNR
EDITOR’S NOTE: Jorge Delgado’s campaign forwarded to the Dorchester Banner the following letter.
Mr. Delgado,
The Professional Fire Fighters of Maryland represents over 10,000 active and retired fire fighters and paramedics across the State of Maryland. It is my privilege to inform you that the PFFMD Executive Board and Membership have voted to endorse your campaign for Congress in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District for the 2020 Republican primary election.
Our organization believes you are the best candidate for the issues important to the International Association of Fire Fighters’ federal legislative agenda. In addition, we believe this will bring a very much needed improvement to constituent services, along with a fresh new perspective in Washington, D.C.
We hope that all Marylanders in the 1st Congressional District will join us in electing a young gentleman who embodies a strong can-do spirit and the full potential of the next generation of leadership in Congress.
Congratulations and we look forward to joining you on the campaign trail.
Jeffrey Buddle, president
Professional Fire Fighters of Maryland