Letter to the Editor: What would Jesus do?

In his recent letter, [“Why I will not vote Democrat,” Dorchester Banner, Jan. 22] Bill Patchett gave his religious-based reasons why he will not vote for Democrats, and asked us to state what we think Jesus would do. He selectively chose seven passages from throughout the Bible to make his argument.

The first thing I noticed was that none of his passages, not one, came from the Gospels, the only place Jesus’s actual words and direct teachings can be found. Four came from the Old Testament, which aren’t his teachings, and three from other parts of the New Testament, reflecting Paul’s words.

I’ll refrain from addressing each of his reasons, though a few of them left me scratching my head, such as his emphasis on debt reduction given that it’s been the Republicans beginning with Ronald Reagan who have run up our debt dramatically, while Democrats Clinton and Obama reduced deficits/debt increases.

But it seems to me that if you’re going to cite Bible passages to reflect what you think Jesus would do, you would prefer to use his own teachings and words to support your case. Apparently he didn’t think they could.

I’m a Christian and a Democrat, and I’ve chosen the political course I’ve taken during my life based in large part on my Christian upbringing and beliefs, because Democrats are always trying to improve the lives and well-being of everyone, not just the rich and other special interests as Republicans do, with our policies.

We have advocated loving our neighbors and looking out for the least among us, as Jesus preached. All I have to know about Jesus’s wishes is to read the red letters/words (in my red letter edition) signifying Jesus’s own words in the Gospels to guide me, and they’re right there.

His commandment to love and be kind to all our neighbors, not just those who agree with us, and teachings to care for the least, the last and the lost among us are etched across the pages of the Gospels.

Especially in this day of the ugliness, cruelty, and mean-spiritedness of the current president and Republicans’ endless support for him no matter how much he hurts and attacks people who don’t adore him and damages and threatens our democratic republic, I don’t even have to think about voting for Democrats. I have no doubt Jesus would too.

Mike Brown
Neck District